How to Spot Mice or Rats in the House


A rodent is a type of pest that can be considered harmful to people and homes. A thorough home inspection will help you to lead a decision of what you are going to do, arrive at what type of rodent control product is fitting to eliminate these insects in your home.

Inspection for rodents

Inspecting for rodents is the first step you should do. With a thorough inspection done by pest proofing experts for your home areas and where these rodents are hiding. With the use of flashlights to dark areas or part of your house like behind your appliances, at the corner, closets, where the rodents were perfectly like to hide.

A good home inspection is necessary to determine what effective way or method you will be using. Here are the following ways that will give you insights to eliminate rodents.

  • Type of rodents
  • How big problem they cause
  • The root cause
  • Type of rodent pest control product

What to Look For

1. Droppings

It is a sign that there is a pest-infested your home. It will help you at what particular time where they are active. The droppings are helpful to easily determine where location you should place your baits and traps for rodents.

2. Nests

Rodent likes to build a nest in the dark place, less noise or disturbances. They make nests out of paper products, string, and other materials. If you noticed that there are many scattered materials in your home, it may an indication that the rodents are in the process of reproduction. This is the time where you can call for a licensed pest inspector.

3. Gnaw marks

Rodents tend to left dirt along with the ways, walls, or floors. The gnaw marks are caused by rodents.

4. Noises

Rodents are commonly creating a strange noise. These sounds can be attributed to the family of rodents especially when undergoing reproduction or eating for a baby.

5. Urine Odor

Rodents have a strong bad odour, which is harmful to health and even to the whole family’s wellness. The stronger the odour you smell, it is an indication for the infestation of the rodents in your house that needs a remedy and solution.

A good home inspection is very important to ensure our family safe and secured. Rodents are harmful to your home and family, so you should know the method to use to completely eradicate them. In the end, you have home free from rodents.

Paul Watson

The author Paul Watson