Kitchen Styles that Actually Stand the Test of Time


If it is not trendy, then it’s not worth buying, that is a statement a kitchen lover always holds on to when buying kitchen fixtures. If the kitchen is your favourite part of the house, the best you can do is give it a look that will also leave your visitors speechless. Since kitchen models are a big investment, it will be a wrong move to pour money into a design that will soon run out of style. This post will enlighten you on the best kitchen makeover styles that will stand the test of time.

Granite Counter-tops

If you go wrong on the counter-top, then you may end up injuring the entire look of your kitchen. The most durable counter-tops for your kitchen must be those made of granite. As a result, they will still look good and new years later. Additionally, this material can stand cuts, dents and scratches better than any other. Granite counter-tops also never show any sign of wear from spills or heat. Although homeowners get confused when choosing kitchen fixtures considering the wide options, you can never go wrong with granite counter-tops.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

If you plan to sell your home, you must ensure the flooring is appealing. Most buyers will ask whether there is a hardwood floor, and if it is real. The trendiest hardwood flooring include the following:

• Walnut
• Ash
• Maple
• Hickory
• Oak

An experienced company that offers kitchen makeover will advise you to pick a flooring that is in style and demand. Since hardwood flooring can adapt to match any evolving cabinet, counter-top and backsplash, it is the ideal type of floor for your kitchen.

Touch Faucets

Touch faucets were considered a tech-fad when they were introduced into the market. However, this new style has become a staple of modern kitchens. It is useful in a busy kitchen as it keeps the faucet clean when washing food off your hands. Although new types of faucets are always created, you can never go wrong with a touch faucet. As a result, this mess-free device is worth investing in.

White Cabinets

In the past, homeowners avoided white kitchen cabinets as there was too much smoke in the kitchen, hence difficult to clean. However, there are outstanding white cabinet ideas that make this style ideal for a modern kitchen. Furthermore, modern cabinets are easy to clean down. White cabinets will always be trendy as they brighten up a kitchen space. They are also a neutral colour, which means they will always match up with other appliances.

Commercial-grade Appliances

The use of commercial-grade appliances in the kitchen is what made stainless steel appliances popular in homes. Although the use of stainless steel is slowly fading away from consumer appliances, you will always have a trendy kitchen if you make use of commercial-grade appliances. You should be observant of the types of appliances used by dedicated chefs and transfer the same to your kitchen.

The kitchen styles mentioned above can transform an old kitchen into a modern space every homeowner will love. To achieve the best look offered by these long-lasting fixtures, make sure you have the right contractor for the job.

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Tips for Fitting a Kitchen


Since many families spend a large part of their day in the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms in the house. 

A large number of expensive gadgets installed make the kitchen the most expensive room in the house. The kitchen should be designed so that the sink, refrigerator and cooker, form the three corners of a triangle. 

Unless the kitchen is designed to face into the house, most people prefer to have the kitchen sink face the window. Most individuals who have experience in DIY work can fit the kitchen themselves. If any additional help is required, the experts can be contacted.

For fitting a new kitchen, the homeowner should have reasonably good carpentry skills and a good understanding of the plumbing and electrical work. For gas plumbing, the plumber should be registered with Gas Safe. For specialized work, it is better to hire an electrician, plumber or joiner, though this will add to the costs involved. 

However, even considering these costs, a homeowner can save a substantial amount if they fit the kitchen units themselves. Typically the cost of fitting a basic kitchen, excluding electrical and plumbing work will be approximately GBP 1500. Hence a substantial amount will be saved doing it yourself.

Planning the Kitchen Layout

The first step in planning the kitchen involves measuring the kitchen area accurately. It is advisable to recheck the measurements to avoid problems at a future date. Some of the considerations while finalizing the kitchen layout are:

– the kitchen sink should be located below the window 

– there should be some distance between the sink units, hobs and a joint on the worktop

– the dishwasher and washing machine should be located close to the sink since this will reduce the plumbing required 

– there should be enough space on either side of the hobs so that panhandles can be used 

– extractor fans for removing air should be installed near or on an outside wall

– all appliances using gas fuel should be positioned so that they get enough air which is required for proper safety and operation

– it should be easy to access the various features of the kitchen, for example, the switches, the electric socket should not be positioned above the cookers, hobs 

Some design tips can make the new kitchen user-friendly and more practical. For example, the Wall units and base units which are positioned below them should ideally have the same width. This ensures that the doors and handles line up together.

The sockets should be at least 150mm from the surface of the worktop so that the plug can be moved as required. The socket can be placed higher if required if larger tiles are used. It is easier to place tiles if the position of the socket is on the tile edge.

Before making any changes in the electrical connection or wiring, it is advisable to check the latest building regulations on the website of the local authorities or government. 

The section on electrical safety in homes and part P regulations are relevant for electrical work at home. These rules are updated periodically, hence it is better to check the website for latest information. 

For any gas related work, it is mandatory to use the services of a plumber or engineer who is registered with Gas safe.


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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colours in 2019


When you walk into a kitchen cabinet, you may not be able to get the right color. Therefore, when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, you may consider getting a lot of colors and stains which can eventually help you save a lot of money. Therefore, you can consider choosing to choose from a wide range of options available for you. If you have been looking for ways to improve the kitchen cabinet, you should prefer contacting an interior designer who can help you with the overall process.

Some of the popular kitchen colors to choose from in 2019 include the following


White has always been one of the most common and effective kitchen cabinet colors this year. If you want a clean and subtle looking kitchen, white may be the right choice to make for your kitchen cabinets. Since a long time, white has been used as a major kitchen cabinet color. Not only is it simple but pretty effective as well. You can choose any particular color, but white always happens to be the best choice for cabinets. Moreover, the inclusion of classic features can help to add to the effect.


If you want a neutral color that is going to match with every background, then black may be the smart choice to make. If your kitchen is abundant in natural light, you can always opt for black. Also, black is the best option if you have a large cabinet. Combined with white flooring, a black cabinet can give a sophisticated look. People who cook a lot should prefer choosing deep black cabinets.


A slight tinge of brown in your kitchen can be one great addition. Walnut has always been a favorite among all for kitchen cabinets. It has the wooden touch with a slight unique graining feature. If you want much graining, you should prefer choosing the best quality. It entirely depends on whether you want a darker shade or a lighter shade. You can reach out to experts at Kitchen Wholesalers to know the best type of walnut grade for your cabinets.

Navy Blue

The classic navy blue has been a top priority for so many people due to its darker shade. If you have lighter colors around your kitchen, you can prefer matching them up with navy blue cabinets to bring out a better impact. Often people are confused about the color and placement. Therefore, you can prefer reaching out to experts about the position.

You may consult the experts to determine the impact of the cabinet colors in interior designing. Make sure to use colors that can well coordinate with each other.

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Must-Have Kitchen Equipments


Most of the people often forget about the kitchen while considering a renovation. Kitchen equipment has an important role to play in everybody’s life. Not only are they efficient, but they play an important role in making life easier. The introduction of various kitchen equipment has made it easier for everyone thereby helping you save time.

All of us tend to have dishwashers and refrigerators in our kitchen, but there are others as well that can help you reduce stress and time. Some of the prominent kitchen appliances you should have include

  • Coffee maker

Who doesn’t like starting their day with a cup of coffee? However, if you are waiting to put the kettle, allow milk to boil and all, it will consume not only a lot of time but effort as well. So, make sure to get out of all that fuss by getting yourself, coffee makers. Coffee makers are comparatively small and very efficient. You will find coffee makers in everybody’s house mostly. If you are a coffee person, make sure to get this appliance for your kitchen today itself.

  • Toaster and ovens

Often we’re in a hurry to settle a breakfast for ourselves. How awesome would it be if we could get our breakfast ready in just a few moments rather than waiting for several minutes? Well, if you are that person who is always in a hurry, you should be getting a toaster and an oven for your house today itself. Toasters can help you get those crispy bread in the morning, and your oven will help you get the perfect Mac and cheese in no time.

  • Blenders

Never miss out on a blender for your house. Undoubtedly, they are the most required element for your kitchen. Blenders aren’t food processors. If you have a blender in your kitchen, you can be assured that you will be getting a smoothie every morning. Also, the blender can blend liquid and ice, so it’s perfect for the summers.

  • Microwave Oven

Honestly, no other equipment is as much adored as a microwave oven. It is small but extremely efficient. Moreover, a microwave oven can play an important role in transforming your complete kitchen experience. If you are in a hurry always, the microwave oven will heat your food in no time. Also, it is very easy to operate the microwave oven, so you are sure never to be stuck.

Often people are confused about the placement of this kitchen equipment. You can always get ideas from experts at Cuisines Rosemère. These equipment are very handy, affordable, and durable. So, make sure to get one for your kitchen.


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