6 Bad Drain Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

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In Melbourne, every individual is advised to strictly clean their drains and dispose of their dumps properly. Otherwise, they could face severe consequences. That is why when dealing with drain repairs Melbourne plumbing companies are encouraged to provide proper education to the populace.

As part of the education, here are some bad drain cleaning habits you need to break.

Never Go for Harsh Products Right Away

Just like in medicine, you don’t immediately treat a condition with surgery, you try to treat it with some oral medications first. This rule also applies in residential drain cleaning Platte County NE. In fact, there are a lot of commercial drain cleaning products which may even be detrimental both to the environment and to our health. When cleaning your drains, you can always start with safe DIY cleaning products.

Use of Too Many Cleaning Products

Why go for so many cleaning products when in most cases, one would suffice? Imagine using too many detergents when washing your clothes. Chances are, you’ll be spending excess time just to get rid of the excess detergent.

Overlooking Instructions on Product Use

This is a common error in every household. Product users think they already know how to use the product and that they no longer read the instructions on how to use it. This mistake can lead to possible problems in the drains.

How much do you need to apply? Where is the recommended area to use it? Should you wear gloves? These are some very important questions answered on the product’s instructions.

Dirty Cleaning Tools

It’s not just the product which you should be mindful of when cleaning your drains. You need to make sure that the tools you use for cleaning should also be clean. Otherwise, your effort will be futile.

Aside from not achieving your goal in cleaning your drains, dirty tools may even increase the chances of cross-contamination of bacteria and germs. Therefore, clean your tools after you use them.

Lack of Cleaning Preparation

This is another overlooked rule when cleaning your drains. Before you even start to clean your drains, make it a habit to prepare all the cleaning products and tools that you need. Put them in a place that’s convenient for you to reach but at the same time, away from kids if  you have any at your home. This practice helps you save a lot of energy and time in terms of running back and forth from your drains and to your storage.

Overlooking the Importance of Handwashing

Before and after cleaning your drains, it’s also important to do proper handwashing. This is perhaps the most cardinal rule when cleaning not just the drains but every area in your home such as the dining room, bed room and living room.

However, it’s another bad habit to just simply wash hands with water alone. When doing your handwashing, always apply liquid handwashing soap thoroughly to both hands, including your palms, fingers, and fingernails.

Breaking these bad habits may seem like common sense to many people. However, countless still overlook and couldn’t even observe them.

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