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Trends to check up with the real estate market


The real estate market is an ever-evolving and a complicated sector. Over the years, the real estate market has seen significant development. Not only has it seen an increase in value but also follows a certain trend. The real estate market is constantly reforming, and therefore, the sector has seen a great regulation in the tax for the business environment.

The real estate marketers are, therefore following certain norms and trends to ensure proper business. Several countries have been able to jump in their economic position due to the boost in the real estate market. Moreover, the contribution of the companies and government to bring in the reforms has also helped to boost the business.

Mortgage rates will be high

As per experts, the mortgage rates will keep on increasing, which have been low in the past two years. The low rates were usually due to the recession and were generally below average. However, the rise would bring about significant economic growth. According to the reports, the mortgage reports are expected to go up by 5.8% defying the older rates.

Home buying power will decrease

Most of the homeowners have a limited budget for monthly payments. As the mortgage rates and prices will increase, the fixed rates would have a significant impact. The buying power would eventually decrease by 10% than the previous year. Comparatively, there are fewer buyers than usual, which are proving to be harmful to the market. Moreover, there is a slow market response as well, and the easing price is low as well. Therefore, the decrease in buying homes is a positive sign.

Price growth will slow down

According to the estimations for 2019, the appreciation value for homes will lower significantly. Comparatively, the appreciation rate may stand somewhere near 3%. This estimation is maintained based on inventory level property estimations for the future.

Regular buyers will see less competition

If you have been a constant investor and property purchaser, you will eventually notice less competitor this year. This is usually because the buyers are looking forward to reducing the price to avoid expensive properties. Nonetheless, this can get problematic for new buyers. This is mostly because the new housing properties that are coming up have a fixed amount with the rate being fixed for high to mid-range and not entry level.

Before investing in real estate properties, it is always suggested to look out for experts. Getting in touch with Papachristou immobiliers can eventually be a great help, and you can stay updated about the new trends as well.

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5 Exterior Design Tips for Commercial Architecture to Follow for Boosting Profits


Commercial property owners love to have their properties designed in such a way that they are suitable to their clients’ tastes. They want them to have an amazing exterior design. A point to be noted is that architectural concepts tend to give away the inner character and overall expectations of your client. It means that your commercial building must be able to articulate an exceptional extension of yourself. This is why you need to follow these tips suggested by Stendel Reich distribution center architects:

  1. Select the best windows

Mostly, the windows you prefer to install on your commercial property must be durable. Modern office buildings look amazing with huge windows that lengthen up from the floor to the ceiling. On the contrary, if you are looking for traditional style, then you need rectangular white paned windows that are well placed. Always look into all the options so that you install durable and aesthetically appealing windows. Apart from durability, also look into ventilation and ease of cleaning as well.

  1. Understand the importance of light

Light usually impacts the strength of a space. When using soft white light, it improves your décor and adds to the elegance of the space. Always compare various illumination designs to learn the impact of lighting in various areas to create a specific aura.

  1. Textures suitable for commercial aesthetics

It becomes overwhelming to choose a design with a wide variety of options available in the market for your office exterior. Hence, always choose the ones that balance the durability with aesthetics. The design is a pure reflection of your personal style. For instance, a modern minimalist would go for cedar shingles or tumbled stones for a country styles. So, always consult a professional before you make any hefty investments.

  1. Develop a cohesive area

Every section of your commercial property must look like they are in a sync and flow. Albeit, a challenging aspect, but you can use various materials that serve various functions to create a natural flow and synced layout. Moreover, always make the most of your knowledge to build natural transitions by blending the sections together.

  1. Combine the colors

We recommend you to go for two shades of the same color. This is deemed the most effective and safest approach. You can use lighter or darker shades for the body and if you want a trim job, you can opt for the exact opposite. To pop it up, try using a third contrasting color.

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All About Leasing in the Real Estate Law in Canada


The commercial real estate law in Canada comprises of 4 basic components (1) leasing, (2) investment, (3) development, and (4) the financing. Many commercial real estate leasing transactions include leasing agent services in Canada. These leasing agents are registered and possess a valid licence under the provincial legislation. The landlords normally hire these registered leasing agents who have a valid licence for commercial real estate transactions. The agents assist the landlords or tenants in understanding the real estate market terms and conditions, availability of properties for the purpose of lease or sale, and above all on the what and how about the commercial real estate business. Contact Forum Properties for all necessary commercial real estate information and for the various assistance of real estate leasing agents.

In fact, the role of leasing agent is crucial in negotiating between the landowner or tenants and the real estate commercial houses. The process of negotiations often takes months in the cases of departure of the existing tenant or preparation of the premises for occupancy. Generally, the “binding offer” to lease is negotiated by the agents and the parties much before the formal lease. This is normally done either through the lawyer or without a lawyer.

The binding offer comprises the necessary terms and conditions which will be incorporated into the standard form of the commercial lease of the landlord. Based on these terms and conditions the landlord would prepare the standard form of lease. This terms and conditions would be incorporating all details including the provision of future amendments within the appropriate negotiating period.

While dealing with the taxes and fees, the landlord is supposed to bear the costs of the commissions of the agents both tenant as well as of the landlord. Besides the commissions, the provinces levy taxes on transactions as per their provincial law.

Any lease term in Ontario which exceeds 50 years including the renewal must pay a land transfer tax. In Toronto, municipal land transfer tax is levied for the lease of land. Both in Ontario and Toronto, the taxes are calculated on the existing land value. But Quebec has its own formula of calculating the land transfer tax which is levied if the term exceeds 40 years.

Similarly, the lease registration in British Columbia has the property transfer tax if the term exceeds 30 years. In some provinces, the tenant has the provision of registering the property transfer under federal government procedure and pay a nominal fee for the purpose. This involves the procedure of providing a notice ensuring the protection of the interests of the lease. The federal government as well as most of the provinces levy VAT which must be paid along with the land or property transfer taxes.

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Understanding the Different Ways for Termination of the HOA Management Contract


In the event of you being on the board of directors for your homeowner’s association and the HOA have been overseen by professional phoenix hoa management companies, you should have a copy of your present management agreement between the HOA management company and the association. The contract would hold valuable information essential for proper management of your homeowner’s association. It would be inclusive of different ways to terminating the contract.

With the end year approaching, several HOA management contracts would expire and would come up for renewal. You should not miss your chance to make a required change in the management. You should request a copy of your management contract along with carefully reviewing it with other members of the board of directors. It would be imperative for exploring the various options you have for terminating the management agreement.

Duration of the contract

It would be imperative to take the duration of the contract into consideration. You should determine how long the contract would last. It could range from one to three years. In the event of the contract automatically renewing, you would be required to consider the time period that it would automatically renew for.

The termination clause in the contract

In the event of your HOA looking forward to terminating the contract with their present company, you would be required to find out the stipulations prevalent for termination of the contract. You should consider whether you would be required to give notice for 30, 60, or 90 days. Would you look forward to giving notice thirty days prior to the effective date? In such an event, it would be imperative for all board members to know of the effective date of the contract. Moreover, you should be aware of how the notice should be given.

It would be essential that you look forward to establishing whether there have been any termination penalties entailed with the termination of the contract early.


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How To Pick An Ideal Property And An Ideal Broker?


Brokers are the key to a successful investment in the real-estate sector. Whether it’s the purchase of a residential property or buying commercial complexes for business, brokers know how to crack a perfect deal. Indeed, they’re the best mediators and perfect property assistants that can help you in investing your money wisely. Having said that, hiring any random broker may not be a wise choice, in fact, it’s precarious.

Considering the impact of their contribution, you should be very alert while hiring them. One of the best real-estate agencies you can trust to find the best brokers and properties at includes The reasons include;

  • Such firms hire only experienced brokers with vast practical knowledge
  • They feature a bundle of best properties to cater to your needs
  • They have transparent policies for residential as well as commercial deals

Moving on, the things that you should keep in mind while investing in any property include the following.

  1. Location And Your Requirement

Undoubtedly, prime locations that are nearest to the transportation points, grocery stores, schools, and offices are the best. But, the definition of ‘IDEAL’ location differs. It depends upon a lot of factors including budget and preference.

A centrally built property, despite its location, might not be ‘IDEAL’ for someone looking for quiet surroundings. Therefore, always mention your preference when hiring a broker to find the best deals for you.

  1. Budget And Locality

A locality is more about the kind of neighbors rather than the location itself. And the prices of properties depend upon location. When searched in the right way, you can always find the best places that are well within your budget.

When brokers are aware of what you want – prime location or quiet location, prime location with a vast neighborhood or a quiet location with fewer neighbors – the options significantly increase.

Such precise instructions help brokers in finding the right places for you that are affordable as well as classy.

Also, always mention whether you prefer villas/bungalows or apartments in a building.

Why Hire Brokers?

It’s quite tempting to exclude brokers from the search when you already know what you need. But, the idea isn’t necessarily wise. Brokers working with firms like have years of experience. Having them work for you will always work in your favor in the following ways.

  • You’ll never fall at the hands of fraudsters. Brokers at reputable real-estate firms are trustworthy.
  • You’ll have a lot of variety to choose from. Web catalogs at such firms feature multiple properties for residential purposes, commercial purposes, as well as for the purpose of renting.
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