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Nelson Partners Discusses the Advantages of Off Campus PBSA Student Housing Projects


Going to college usually is one of the most transformational experiences in the life of the person. It has the potential to be one of the most exciting times of the life, where one discovers what true independence is. Opting to stay at an off-campus student accommodation facility can especially help students to become used to living on their own. Purpose Built Student Accommodations or PBSA developed and managed by renowned companies like Nelson Partners especially comes with a wide range of benefits, and can make the college years pretty memorable and smooth sailing for people.

The landscape of off campus housing has evolved considerably with the rise of PBSAs. Students can now expect a wide variety of amenities and incomparable service from diverse premium off-campus student housing properties. At off campus housing, one do not have to deal with any Resident Assistants (RAs) who would tell the students what to do, set a curfew and fix timings for meals.  Student living out of the campus can go and come as they please, and enjoy a pretty good degree of independence.

Majority of off campus student housing projects include the cost of utilities in the monthly rent. This basically means that the cost of cable, security, water, electricity, and more would be a part of the lease of the students. Such an approach helps the students to properly budget themselves, and even save a good sum of money. Certain properties may even have provision fort customizing the lease arrangement, as per which the students have to pay only for facilities they really need.

With the growing popularity of Purpose Built Student Accommodation, this landscape is also becoming exceedingly competitive. Properties today try their best to stand apart from the rest of the competition.  Owing to this, the rooms of modern PBSAs are usually decked with world-class furniture and have pretty hotel-like service. The cost of living there is also pretty similar to any on campus accommodation, making PBSAs a smarter choice.  Students can also opt to decorate their room in any way they like in order to provide a distinctive personal touch to the space.

In case of off campus accommodation, especially the ones offered by companies like Nelson Partners, students surely shall be spoilt for choice. They can opt for en-suite rooms, studio rooms or apartments, as per their preference and budget. No matter whether someone wants to live with their best friends or alone, PBSAs are likely to have the ideal living space for them.

One of the biggest advantages of off campus living is privacy. People get used to staying alone in a studio room or may even share an apartment with a fellow student. Choosing to stay off campus provide students with a break from the pains of sharing bathrooms, living with multiple students, and spending time at communal areas. Any student who prefers to be left to their own devices ideally should consider living off campus.

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