First, focus on a tiny area

Start by painting a small region and letting it dry the first day. Return to check on the paint’s drying progress and evaluate regardless of whether you used too much or not enough paint. Modify as necessary. Also see Custom paint by numbers

Work with one color at once

I discovered about halfway through my palette that if I only choose one color and rotate the canvas around enough to fill EVERY region of that number, I can complete a larger area.

Paint thickly, focusing on light shades

You can identify the printed number mostly on canvas when it has dried if you use a thinner layer of paint for all those lighter shades. As a result, start by applying a thick coat of color. Don’t panic about running out of pigment; after I finished, I had plenty left over.

Take frequent pauses

Avoid attempting to accomplish a great deal at once. When you attempt to accomplish too many tasks at once, you risk accidentally smudging wet paint. Not even to add, when you’re painting incredibly small places, it will strain your eyesight.

Use a focused light when working

I enjoy painting at my workstation while utilizing this work light. It made it much easier for me to read those small printed numerals.

Essential guide sheet intact

If a reference document is included with your equipment, keep it secure. I pulled everything out a few times to examine orphan places at which there were missing digits despite thinking I would still not need it. You may occasionally only paint a portion of a surface before realizing there is a space without a number.

From left to right, work

If you paint right-handedly, you must always have a dry surface where your forearm can rest. I prefer to start at the top left corner and work my way down to the bottom right.

Make it a habit

I had a lot more fun painting this canvas than I had anticipated, mostly because it was an excellent approach for me to wind down every day and spend just 10 or 15 minutes a day.


How simple is Paint by Numbers?

It is practically like using a paintbrush to color inside the boundaries. You are not even required to have any prior painting experience. Be cautious and take your time to accurately fill in each color. My daughter, who is 11 years old, shocked me by concentrating so hard to finish the kit. It was fun for her as well as held her entertained for hours!

Can Children Perform Paint by Numbers?

Yes!! Every moment I painted with my children, it’s our special time altogether. Considering just how artistic the child is, I would advise purchasing the “EASY” craft kits for children aged 7 to 11. The INTERMEDIATE level is suitable for adults and children aged 11 and older. Make it a team effort and take pleasure in your time around each other.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise