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How to Build the Best Real Estate Team?     


In the real estate industry, there is a lot of competition. Not only do you deal with competitors, but the market is also very niche which leaves you and your competitors fighting for the attention of the same group of people. 

This is why marketing the business is imperative. However, many realtors work alone, which often leaves them little to no time in their routine to focus on marketing. 

This is why it is important to build a real estate team to aid you in handling all aspects of the business so that you can focus on your core objectives. 

However, if you have not built a team yet, you must wonder how to build a real estate team

The ideal way to start is by assessing the needs and what tasks you need help with. It will help narrow down your list, and you will be able to put the right people into the division without wasting resources. 

Besides determining what type of support staff you need, you must also consider many other factors before building the perfect real estate team. 

Here are some types of support staff you can hire:

  • Marketing Manager 

A marketing manager will take on every marketing effort for your agency. For instance, they will organize a direct mail campaign and arrange for the delivery of postcards to your target audience. In addition, they will also help you establish the agency and set you apart from the competition. 

  • Lead Generation Manager

A lead generation manager will be responsible for generating leads, filtering them, and assigning the leads to a suitable agent in the team. 

  • Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant will handle all the in-house paperwork, office maintenance, and other tasks. For instance, if you need to set up a house for showing, they will coordinate with different vendors such as the cleaners, the rental furnishers, etc. 

However, many realtors who have not hired a support staff must know how to build a real estate team. So, here are some things to keep in mind to recruit the best team:

  • Hire moderately experienced staff

You must hire people who already have some experience working in the real estate industry. They will have the right qualities to support the team and contribute to the agency. 

While you always have the option to hire new agents, you might have to spend a lot of time training them and teaching them the ropes. So, it is best to hire experienced people as you will not have to spend time or resources training them. 

  • A team player

Building relationships and being a team player is a major part of the real estate industry; not only do they need to have a friendly nature with clients, but they must also know how to work in a team. 

  • Must know the local area of service

If you specialize in serving one specific area of the city, they must have all the relevant knowledge about it.

It will help the agents and the other support staff to help the needs of the clients in a better way. 

Building a real estate team is challenging, but if you pay attention to these factors, you might just build the right team. 

Robert Killin

The author Robert Killin