Benefits of Installing an Electronic Keyless Door Lock


We’ve relied on keys for thousands of years. They help us to keep our belongings safe and secure and, since their advent, the locking mechanisms they operate have improved and developed to become better and stronger than ever. So why give them up? 

More and more people are moving towards keyless entry for their homes, cars, offices and other private spaces – and there are a number of good reasons for this.

Here, the specialists at Lock Shop Direct explain the benefits of an electronic keyless door lock and why you might consider changing to one.

The Trouble with Keys

People carrying keys have had the same problems for centuries on end. Keys can easily break in locks – often damaging the mechanism itself at the same time.

Furthermore, having a loose item in a pocket or bag is just asking for trouble. Holes in pockets or careless fingers can see your keys dropping to the ground – or down a drain, off a bridge or into any number of inconvenient locations from which they cannot possibly be rescued.

It’s also extremely easy to lose keys by simply forgetting about them – seeing yourself locked out of your house or office at all times of the day or night.

Finally, keys can be stolen. It’s a scary prospect, but would-be burglars may target keys in order to gain entry to a property. Because they are physical items that may be removed from their owner, it’s surprising how easy this can be.

So, what are the alternatives?

Electronic Digital Locks

Electronic locks with keypads offer you the freedom to ditch keys – now there’s nothing to steal (remember not to write your code down anywhere that could be seen by the wrong people), nothing to misplace and nothing to break!

You can give your chosen code to any authorised individual – but if security is compromised, it’s also possible to change that code at any time.

Some electronic locks also come with key operated overrides in case of emergency.

Smart Locks

More recently, security systems have been developed that feature smart technology. This term may refer to a basic key fob that attaches to clothing, a bag or key ring and allows you access with a quick tap, a PIN-coded mechanism that allows you to remotely control who has access to your property and when, or a set-up that allows you to simply open your door using your mobile phone.

So, no more key-breakages or losses, improved security all round and no loose jangly objects scraping against your delicate phone screen in a bag or pocket. What’s not to loveE

All of the above options are quick and easy to install, allowing you to make the change without any fuss at all.

For further information about the electronic keyless door locks available from Lock Shop Direct, simply get in touch with us today on 0845 830 0832 or via email on and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to help you.

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Sobha developers to launch a state-of the-art residential project- Get Smart and start investing


Investing your hard-earned money in your dream home is a fascinating prospect and helps you secure the future of your loved ones. Compared to how the market was performing a decade ago, Bangalore has witnessed astonishing levels of residential and commercial infrastructure development. Be it new launches or releasing excess inventory, Bangalore has performed significantly better. Sobha developers have seized the opportunity and are capitalizing on potential market for evident results.

Sobha Saptrang- Here is all you need to know

Sobha developers, over the years have transitioned to become the most preferred developer in Bangalore. With their expertise in creating fascinating residential and commercial spaces, first-time property aspirants are quick in transitioning to invest at the earliest. Sobha Saptrang is a prime residential property located to precision at Koramangala. The project offers 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK units that are spread over 5 landscaped acres. There are 344 units to choose from, which gives a wide-range of possibilities. There are 7 towering structures that offer splendid views of landscaped greenery for an eco-friendly experience. By employing a customer-centric approach, Sobha Saptrang welcomes customers to have a complete tour of the property beforehand for a constructive and hassle-free investment experience.

Property price trends at Koramangala

It is important that we have a clear understanding of the property market across emerging localities in Bangalore. Considering professional advisers is a bonus as it helps one to analyze and anticipate challenges in the near future. Sobha Koramangala has a lot to offer in terms of connectivity, appreciating land rates and rental returns. The fact that it is close to prime IT tech parks makes it easier for potential investors to look for content and potential tenants. For instance, currently, the market trends in Koramangala states that prices range between Rs. 1,000- Rs. 20,000 per sq.ft. This signifies that residents can choose between economical properties and properties that cater to a niche market of high network individuals. Also, with the continues increase in social and commercial infrastructure growth, Koramangala is set to thrive and provide the most unique residential investment opportunities.

Amenities to provide convenience and comfort at the same time

It is important to realize the importance of in-house amenities at a residential project. These emphasize on the extent of comfort, convenience and safety within the premises. Sobha Saptrang has devised a framework that includes features which contributes to a sustainable living environment. These amenities include a fabulous equipped gymnasium, swimming pool for all age groups, clubhouse for indoor games, massive party lawn for weekend get-togethers, recreational play parks for children, landscaped greenery, jogging tracks, 100% electricity/power backup for common areas and a state-of-the-art security system along with CCTV coverage. Considering the added leverage of experiencing these features beforehand, customers can consult and arrive at wise and constructive investment decisions.

Connectivity and Proximity from Sobha Saptrang

It is important to invest in a property that provides impeccable connectivity to the rest of the city. It is imperative that better commute benefits enhance land appreciation and contributes to increase in property prices. Sobha Saptrang, located at Koramangala offers seamless connectivity and is in close proximity to renowned landmarks around the city. For instance, the presence of schools like Bethany High School, Jyoti Nivas College and Christ University contributes to further infrastructure development. IT professionals, on the other hand can now stay close to their workplace or focus on a secondary source of income as the Embassy Golf Links business park is right around the corner. Invest Now!

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How to Select a Plant Hire Kent Shop


Recently, you moved to Kent and bought the house of your dreams. Now, you want to dig up your yard and lay a garden. Aside from a gardener, you also need a digger to remove some of the soil. This way, the gardener can check it and amend it as necessary, to alter its’ acidity or alkalinity, prior to planting seeds. In comparison to a smaller machine, a large machine can dig much deeper. Then again, you may find it difficult to fit a large digger into your residential garden. For this reason, you should determine the width and length of your premises, before selecting a plant hire Kent shop.

A micro digger weighs one tonne and is 800 mm wide. This machine is perfect for use in narrow passageways. This machinery can dig to depths of up to a couple of metres.

Roughly, mini diggers weigh 1.5 tonnes, are a metre wide, and can dig to depths of 2.5 metres. However, they can shift more weight, due to their additional weight and larger engine size, which counterbalances the weight being moved during digging.

We will not mention the benefits of larger diggers, because they are not usually suitable for residential gardens.

How an Operator can Help

You may find it difficult to operate a digger at first, if you are new to using one. Nonetheless, you can master the fundamentals, if you are prepared to spend a few hours practicing. Your inexperience can hold up your project. Therefore, it is wise to hire a digger with an operator, so you can finish your project in much less time. It costs about £125 (including VAT, but excluding insurance) to rent a mini digger. Bear in mind though, that you will need to spend an extra £250-£300 each day, based on the operator’s skill level.

The Local or National Hire Store

Usually, local hire stores charge more competitive fees, but may be unable to deliver the machine at your preferred time. National shops are more expensive, but they deliver the machinery whenever you want, and frequently offer insurance waivers. These diggers can be hired by paying the required fee on their website. Don’t forget, avoid opting for the first website you find that advertises digger hire. There are many companies out there that offer a substandard service. It is far better to rely on trusted plant hire Kent shops, like FGS Plant. They offer a broad range of machines for hire, as well as several attachments. Give their website a visit at to learn more, or telephone their helpful customer service team on 01622713930.

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How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Work?


When it comes to Air Conditioning in London and using HVAC systems, the first question that might appear in your mind is what really is it? To elaborate upon it a little further HVAC systems or Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems are a form of commercial air conditioning which is used in buildings such as offices or for that matter the air conditioner in your car too is an HVAC system. When evaluating an HVAC air conditioning in London there are a bunch of permutations and combinations that one has to think about — from the fuel that is being used for heating to the coolant being used, to how is the coolant is being delivered, etc.

Most air conditions in London units are a mix and match situation that is created on the basis of the requirement of cooling for the buildings that the system is being installed in.

This also brings us to a consideration point, where it is a smart idea, to make a list of all the components that can be used, before Beginning work on the system. This is done so that you can be over about what all are you dealing with, and In case of any need for air conditioning repair in London, you would be able to point out whatever the fault might be.

So now let’s come down to the main point, how does an HVAC System really work?

  • It all begins, with The compressor which compresses the coolant, thereby increasing its temperature and pressure.
  • The air outside which is hot is blown in by the compressor over the coolant so that it gets liquefied
  • The expansion valves in the air conditioning in London, change the coolant, into a liquid which is low in pressure, and thus is cooled down.
  • Post this process, a certain amount of heat is passed on by that evaporator that ends up turning the cooled down liquid into a relatively warmer gas, though still cool enough to be pushed out of the unit to cool the surrounding space down.

Now this being the underlying principle behind the HVAC air conditioning in London, most of the systems used across buildings in London follow it, with maybe the addition of cooling towers, which add a little bit of complexity to the system. For systems that are electric, their heating and cooling cycle are quite similar in nature.

When it comes to commercial spaces, they can reap the benefits from systems that have been connected together in order provide both heating and cooling to different floors, hence some features that you will notice in large HVAC systems for air conditions in London include:

  • For the extraction of heat from air or water, heat pumps may be installed that almost act like the opposite of a refrigerator. For heat pumps that use water source, it is done via a pipe that is actually used to carry water across the system to supply heat to it.
  • You might find either rooftop units or ground units which also have ducts that send the air that has been cooled down, into the intended area. In fact, they are quite commonly witnessed in commercial spaces as a method of air conditioning in London.
  • There might also be chillers that are responsible for the generation of chilled water that is then circulated across air cooling coils through pipes
  • Other common elements that are routinely witnessed are heaters which can be two types — hot air furnaces or radiant heaters that are responsible for heating the air by burning fuel or by the use of infrared radiation that can heat things in a direct fashion.

So there you have it here is a brief understanding of how HVAC system aid air conditioning in London. When it comes to commercial spaces, the need for heating or cooling is terms of demands of space is quite massive that is why an HVAC system, becomes quite a necessity. Also, as we mentioned earlier always keep a track what all components your HVAC system is using so that even when it comes to air conditioning maintenance in London, you will be able to take stock, as well as assist to ensure that everything is in order.

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How to Choose a Rug Color That Matches Your Space Best

Consider Your Decor

Do you want to put a rug in your living room?

You may feel like a nice rug can make the room look even brighter and more exciting however, choosing the right rug is important.

You want to invest in a rug that is going to look good and match your furniture, the colour of the paint on the walls of the room, and the decor that you currently have.

So, how exactly do you choose the perfect colour? There are some things you will need to consider before you buy the perfect rug.

Consider the Meanings of Different Colors

Before choosing the perfect colour for your rug, you should learn a bit more information about the meaning of different colours.

For example, colours like orange and yellow are naturally known for their brightness.

These colours tend to evoke feelings of joy, happiness, good health, warmth, and optimism.

If you want to make sure your living room makes you feel comfortable and optimistic from the minute you walk in the room, you could always choose to get a rug in one of the many yellow or orange shades that are available.

While shades of yellow and orange tend to symbolise positive feelings, they are not the only colours that can evoke different types of emotions and positive feelings.

Shades of red are known to evoke feelings of love, passion, and energy while shades of purple and blue are calming and known to make people feel creative and powerful.

With that in mind, you should select a colour that is going to naturally put you in a good mood because no one wants to be in a bad mood!

The best part about choosing from these different colours is that they are available in such an impressive variety of shades, so you can choose a light blue, dark blue, royal blue, or even a pastel purple colour.

Pick Something That Pops

If you prefer to keep things simple and have a basic colour of paint on the walls of your living room, such as white, gray, or even beige, you might want to choose a rug in a colour that stands out and adds a lot of excitement to the room.

In fact, choosing a colour that is unique and beautiful is a great way to add a conversation piece to the room without spending too much money.

When you have a room that looks a bit plain, some of the best colours to choose include bright shades of green, orange, pink, and even yellow.

However, it is entirely up to you to choose a shade that stands out and looks good in your living room.

Consider Your Decor

You will most likely want to make sure that your new rug matches with the rest of the decor that you have in the room.

You may have a specific theme going on with decor that is a specific colour, such as a red and gold or blue, so you should choose a rug that is going to match with the decor.

When you have everything matching, the living room will easily look even better.

If you would like to put a rug in your living room, choosing the right colour is essential.

You need something that is going to look good and make you feel good.

While there are dozens of different rug styles and colours to choose from, you will easily be able to pick one out that is perfect for you.

After learning a bit more about the meanings behind different colours, and thinking about something that will match everything else, the more likely you are to make a better choice.

If you are looking to purchase an affordable, top quality rug, then look no further than The Rug Lady

The Rug Lady is one of the most trusted online rug stores in Australia and has rugs of all shapes and sizes to fit any room of the house.

For your perfect bedroom rug, please call us today on (03) 9408 6090 or contact us through our website

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Keep your furniture safe from pet scratches


Scratching, the bane of all pet owners who love their furniture. There’s no denying that it’s a prevalent problem, but simply getting upset at your pet isn’t going to do much about it. Depending on whether it’s a dog or cat, the reasons they scratch might be a little different, but here are some solutions that can help you get to the bottom of it.

Give them something else to scratch

If your pet is a cat, then it’s important to recognise that scratching is an instinctual need for them. They scratch to mark their territory. Not only is it a visual mark, but they have scent glands around their claws that express when they scratch. Trying to deny that need isn’t going to help them. Instead, find another way to satisfy it. Give them a scratching mat or post and position it where they normally scratch. When they scratch in the correct place, praise them and give them treats so that they keep it up.

Ensure they get plenty of play

In dogs, one of the biggest causes of destructive behaviour is pent-up energy. It’s a sign that they might not be getting enough exercise so you should consider adding another walk or some sessions of fetch to their daily routine. It’s also worth noting that puppies do have some rather destructive tendencies. There’s nothing to do but try puppy proof your home and furniture and wait for them to grow out of it.

Make sure nothing’s wrong

In some cases, acting out can be a means of drawing your attention. If they’re hungry or their meals aren’t doing it for them, try switching their diet to the best dry puppy food in the UK. If they’re consistently acting up and trying to get your attention and won’t stop even when you feed or spend time with them, there could be something wrong so it’s worth a trip to the vet’s.

Protect the furniture

Taking care of their needs can help give them less reason to scratch, but a deterrent to keep them away from your furniture works just as well. Anti-scratch double sided sticky tape can be attached, which presents a sticky surface your pet will hate scratching, without causing harm to either pet or sofa. If you have a cat, try using some orange or lemon flavoured spray on the furniture. They absolutely hate citrus.

Clip those claws

Good grooming can help, too. Safely clipping their claws down so they’re less sharp can diminish whatever damage they can do with scratching. You might also want to ask your vet about fitting on some nail covers. These safe covers, which look a lot like fake nails we humans would use, offer a blunt edge to their claws, instead.

If you want to keep your furniture from getting scratched, then the best way to handle it is to ensure that your pet’s needs are being met. Whether it’s a dog’s need for company, food and exercise or a cat’s need to mark their territory, keeping them satisfied can keep your sofa safe.

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Different types of glues and their uses


Glues are mostly used the people in different ways. Glues play a vital role in human’s everyday life that used to students for school and colleges, simple hardware repair kit, equipment required by workers like cobblers, carpenters, plumbers use plastic glue for their work, etc.

Glues are used from the 2000 BC; they produce a sticky concoction from the extract of animal bones. It’s time to know information about the types of glues and their uses.

Craft glues or white craft glue:

Craft glues are widely used in the world as well as in school, college, office, and homes. It is used for paper and also for card sheet and it is based on water that has low to no toxicity. So it makes safe for kids and adults. It acne be easily clean from the surface and also from the skin. It takes an hour or a few minutes to dries. Craft glue is stable for every arts and craft lover.

Wood Glue:

It is mostly used to bond together pieces of wood and wooden surfaces. There are also many types in wooden glues they are epoxy, polyurethane glue, hide glue. Types of different wood glues are made from the different applications that depend on the wood quality and purpose of the wooden object itself.

The properties of wooden glues are high strength, gap-filling ability, resistant to humidity, damp condition, and moisture. It has more time to dry even a day or a couple of hours to dry completely.

Super Glue:

Super glues are used to join heavy materials like glass, wood, and ceramics, metal and also to join leather. It is cyanoacrylate adhesive is a chemical compound that is known for the adhesive property. It is the ability to form durable bonds and super strong with a clean dry finish.

Super glue is used to fix toys, jewels or any damaged object. It dries super fast within a few seconds.

Fabric glue:

It is used to hold together two or more fabric pieces and also used to join various types of textiles. Fabric glues are normally waterproof so you can wash the fabric without any panic. It stays flexible even after drying. It can also be used as glass glue to join pieces of glass together.

Hot glue:

Hot glues are sold in solidified forms; you need to heat the hot glue before using. It is in long translucent sticks that are inserted into glue gun at one time. You can join the plastic materials with the help of hot glue that act like plastic glue.

The glues are solidified back and hold the required objects together after it cools. Hot glues sticks are available in different widths and it is suitable for all materials.

Glitter glue:

It is the fancy type liquid glues and it is mostly used for crafting glue that is favorite for kids. You can decorate the glass pieces as same as the glass glue. Your kids can get immersed by the glittery glues and also used to show their creativity.

These are the types in the glues and their uses. From this, you may get knowledge about the glues and their types. Hope that you get useful information from these details.

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How To Choose The Best Boiler Cover

See CCTV as a burglar breaking in through the door with a crowbar


If your boiler stops working, it could leave you without heating or hot water or both.  As well as giving you an expensive repair bill.

The cost of repairing or replacing your boiler can run into the thousands of pounds so it does pay to have a boiler cover.

Affordable Way To Maintain Your Boiler

A boiler cover policy can cover the cost of replacement parts, annual boiler service, calling out a qualified engineer to your home.

If you want a policy that can also cover things like your plumbing, drains and home electrics consider getting yourself home emergency cover.

Get The Right Cover

Make sure your policy can cover the cost of replacing the boiler if it breaks down.  It can cost up to £4000 to replace your boiler so look to see what limit each policy offers.  All policies are different and suit people differently too depending on what boiler system they have.

According to Andy from HomeGlow Gas Services “Get a fully qualified engineer to maintain your boiler.  They will be working in your home so you will want a professional who are gas safety registered.  There are strict guidelines for safe maintenance of your boiler which the engineers have to operate to.”

Regular Boiler Maintenance Improves The Lifecycle Of Your Boiler

A boiler usually lasts for around 15 years. Increase your boilers lifespan by regular maintenance.  Make sure an annual maintenance check-up is included.  If a single component of your boiler is failing, it can then strain the other components in your boiler.  It can prevent your boiler from working properly.  It could also then eventually hurt the entire boiler system.  Do not skip the annual appointment.  It will guarantee your boiler is performing at peak efficiency.

Compare Plans

Find someone that can give you a choice of boiler covers.  Compare plans to see which level fits with your needs and budget available to you.  You can choose from a basic plan that provides maintenance or an extensive plan that includes parts labour and unlimited service calls.  The plan should include the cost of annual check-ups and repair work.  Check for an emergency number and see if 24 hour call is available.

Working with a boiler company can turn into a long term relationship.  Its good to pick an experienced provider within your community.

Compare the level of experience, skill and safety records to the cost of the service.  A provider with more experience and expertise will cost more.  Pay attention to what is and what isn’t included within the price of the cover.  Some providers do not include an annual service in the cover so the contract will be cheaper overall.  You want an affordable boiler service cover where you pay a small monthly fee to cover the cost of boiler breakdowns and annual service.

Ask For Reviews

Ask for reviews and references.  If the service provider is reliable then they should be able to present a list of satisfied customers.  Try to gather as much information as possible to learn how the company works.

A boiler service plan is an excellent way to avoid a boiler break down nightmare.

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Is It A Legal Requirement To Have A Gas Safety Certificate?


What are gas safety certificates? Do you have to have one?

If any of these questions has crossed your mind at least once, you’re in the right place. In the following article, you’ll find out everything there is to know about gas safety certificates and how to get one. Read on to find the answers of our friends at Enhanced Energy Solutions.

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

There are many types of gas safety certificates, depending on the appliance or the system for which is issued. However, a gas safety certificate is the vital proof that an appliance and any other related equipment is safe to use and poses no threat to people living or working nearby.

Do Gas Safety Certificates Expire?

Because the effects of a malfunctioning appliance or system can be devastating, every gas safety certificate must be renewed once a year. Every evaluation must be carried out by a registered engineer that has the legal ability to issue the certificate.

According to Phil from Enhanced Energy Solutions “Even if they do expire, we recommend you keep the record for the last two years. This will help you prove your compliance in case this is needed.”

What Happens During An Inspection?

The annual inspection aims at checking any appliance and equipment that uses gas. While performing an inspection, the Gas Safe registered engineer must:

  • Check if all appliances comply with the safety regulations and if they work properly
  • Compare the real gas pressure to the one stated on the original documents of the appliance
  • Make sure that proper ventilation is not hindered by any obstacles, as this can increase the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Check the flue flow and ensure the combustion happens properly

What Should The Certificate Include?

A valid gas safety certificate will include all the information below:

  • The name and address of the owner of the property
  • The address of the property where the inspection is carried out
  • The date of the inspection
  • The description and location of each appliance and flue inspected
  • The issues that were identified and the intervention that corrected them
  • A confirmation that all appliances are safe to use and are working properly
  • The details of the engineer who performed the inspection (name, signature and Gas Safe number)
  • The date when the next inspection must be carried out.

Request Your Gas Safety Certificate

If your certificate is due and you haven’t yet requested a new inspection, don’t wait any longer. You’re not only risking a fine that starts from £6000 per uninspected item and potential imprisonment, but also your – or your tenants’ – life.

Gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions can happen at any time, and they have devastating effects. This is why Gas Safety Certificates are mandatory for any household or building. Request a certificate today from our friends at Enhanced Energy Solutions – they will gladly assist you.


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How to avoid any power-supply interruptions on your ps4?


Power outages can be one of the most vexing problems while working on your computer or playing PS4. The data lost due to power outages cannot be recovered in most cases, especially in the field of gaming. Such a loss can be avoided with the assistance of a technology called UPS for PS4 [เครื่องสำรองไฟ PS4, which are the term in Thai].

What is a UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is an electronic apparatus that assists the user of an electronic system or equipment in gaining a little additional time to shut it down after the main power supply turns off. UPS are required to make sure that the data with which the user was working does not get lost.

How can UPS assist PS4 players?

Interruption of power supply services can result in the PS4 players losing their data and any growth that they may have made while playing the game. Therefore, receiving a backup power supply can avoid such mishaps.

The advancements made in technology in recent years have led to the development of various kinds of UPS. Each of them is associated with a certain specific type of electronic system. The Jupiter td 10kVA is one such UPS that can provide an application to a wide range of services including providing 10-15 minutes of backup to the PS4 players.

Such a backup further helps even when the PS4 gaming system is going through power fluctuations. The Jupiter td 10kVA is specially built in order to provide heavy power supply. Based on the weight of the computer or gaming system the UPS power reserve level ranges from 10kVA to 250kVA.

Some of the important features of Jupiter td 10kVA are:

  1. Advanced battery charging management
  2. Intelligent fan speed control
  3. Wide input voltage range
  4. DC cold start function
  5. True online double-conversion UPS with IGBT design

The UPS of Jupiter series asserts of much more features that makes it dependable for the PS4 players. Citing the example of the recent ‘Fortnite World Cup 2019′ it can be noted that the art of video gaming is reaching new heights than ever before as a young teenage participant received $3 million after winning the competition.

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