Wood Stain Tips for Your Next DIY Project


Wood staining can be something that is complicated depending on what you do with the stain and how you want it to look. Before you even start thinking about the stain though you need to make sure that the piece of wood is ready to go. This means that the wood should be sanded down and smooth so that you have a smooth fresh surface to work with. dents in the wood are going to hold more color so you need that to be minimal as those spots will show up even more and won’t really help the look of the piece because it won’t match.

Thankfully most things can be sanded out and that is one of the reasons that is so important. The next thing that you need to consider is if you want to go light or dark. If you want something lighter than what was on the wood then the sanding should be taking the layer of the stain out so that you can go lighter. If you want a piece to be darker then it is a bit easier as you don’t have to sand down as much as long as the piece is in good condition.

The next wood stain tips are to be careful as you look for the wood stain. By even going one shade lighter than what you wanted you to have the ability to fix a problem if it happens without going a lot darker than what you wanted to end up in the first place. Wood staining tips are vital to listen to and if you find someone that has done it before that can even help you to do it then accept the help.

But if you are doing it yourself then you need to think about the kind of finish that you want. If you want the finish to be smooth with very little variation in color then you need to wipe on very small layers of the stain at a time and build it up making sure that everything is always smoothed out first.

But if you want to have variation on the wood you still need to do it in thin layers but you can easily do a sponge method on the product so that you can get some small variations where the sponge picked up more or less and then wipe the excess off of the wood when it is all finished so that it does still look put together. If you find that the stain is too light when it is dry don’t go and buy a darker stain because it can be built up to that darker color and it is better to build small than to make a darker mistake.

So in order to make the stain darker do the same method on the wood again and repeat that process until the wood looks the way that you want it to. The easiest way to stain is on a smooth surface that doesn’t have a lot of grooves from the furniture.

But that is not always what you have to work with and when you know the stain will get stuck in the grooves make sure it only goes in there once and that way you can still end up with a good and finished product that is not spotty on any portion of the piece. As for drying time if you are in a dry climate then it could be ready in less than a day but you should let it dry for at least a day.

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