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5 Tips to make a small space in your home look large


As you’re browsing new homes for sale you may find a home that you love but has a smaller space in one area of your home than you would have liked. Keep in mind, even though the space appears small, once you put your special touch and remove the current homeowners’ items you could transform that small space into a large one.

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Here are 5 ways to accomplish just that!

Couch — Your couch is typically a focal point in a living or family room. By taking measurements of your space and finding a couch that takes up a vast majority of the space, you eliminate the need to purchase end or coffee tables that could take a small space from small to smaller.

If you shop around well enough, you could even purchase a couch that has a built-in sofa bed, so your space now went from small to durable!

End tables — While many rooms look nice with added end tables or extra floor decor, you can easily make a room larger without adding these touches. Instead, purchase TV stands that you can use for drinking glasses and then fold up and move when you’re done.

Go vertical — In a small space, you can use the space going up instead of sideways. Create shelving that goes from your floors to your ceilings for extra storage solutions. These also cause the eye to go up instead of sideways which tricks it into believing your room is larger than it really is.

Maximize light — In a small space, if you have the option to add natural light such as with a skylight or window, it’s best to. Natural light adds more space to a room and cuts your electric bill out of the equation.

Multi-use furniture — If you play your cards right, you can use furniture in multiple ways. One way this is easy is by purchasing a sofa couch, so you have a couch and bed in one. Another easy way to do this is by using your dining room table as a desk. By using furniture for multiple uses, you eliminate the need to clutter a small space with extra items.

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