Benefits of Installing an Electronic Keyless Door Lock


We’ve relied on keys for thousands of years. They help us to keep our belongings safe and secure and, since their advent, the locking mechanisms they operate have improved and developed to become better and stronger than ever. So why give them up? 

More and more people are moving towards keyless entry for their homes, cars, offices and other private spaces – and there are a number of good reasons for this.

Here, the specialists at Lock Shop Direct explain the benefits of an electronic keyless door lock and why you might consider changing to one.

The Trouble with Keys

People carrying keys have had the same problems for centuries on end. Keys can easily break in locks – often damaging the mechanism itself at the same time.

Furthermore, having a loose item in a pocket or bag is just asking for trouble. Holes in pockets or careless fingers can see your keys dropping to the ground – or down a drain, off a bridge or into any number of inconvenient locations from which they cannot possibly be rescued.

It’s also extremely easy to lose keys by simply forgetting about them – seeing yourself locked out of your house or office at all times of the day or night.

Finally, keys can be stolen. It’s a scary prospect, but would-be burglars may target keys in order to gain entry to a property. Because they are physical items that may be removed from their owner, it’s surprising how easy this can be.

So, what are the alternatives?

Electronic Digital Locks

Electronic locks with keypads offer you the freedom to ditch keys – now there’s nothing to steal (remember not to write your code down anywhere that could be seen by the wrong people), nothing to misplace and nothing to break!

You can give your chosen code to any authorised individual – but if security is compromised, it’s also possible to change that code at any time.

Some electronic locks also come with key operated overrides in case of emergency.

Smart Locks

More recently, security systems have been developed that feature smart technology. This term may refer to a basic key fob that attaches to clothing, a bag or key ring and allows you access with a quick tap, a PIN-coded mechanism that allows you to remotely control who has access to your property and when, or a set-up that allows you to simply open your door using your mobile phone.

So, no more key-breakages or losses, improved security all round and no loose jangly objects scraping against your delicate phone screen in a bag or pocket. What’s not to loveE

All of the above options are quick and easy to install, allowing you to make the change without any fuss at all.

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Paul Watson

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