Finer Options for the Use of the Barn Doors Now


What barn doors to choose for the barns, tips for choosing what doors to choose for a barns? What indicators to pay special attention to when choosing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doors made of various materials? You will find answers to all questions in our article.

When choosing a door to the barns, consumers often have difficulties. The main reason is the increased requirements for the product.

What indicators to look for when choosing a door for a barns:

  • hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability of the door leaf to extract moisture from the surrounding air.
  • resistance to fungi, mold;
  • soundproofing properties;
  • tightness of the structure;
  • resistance to mechanical stress.

High humidity – An integral companion of a barns, can eventually cause deformation, delamination or swelling of the door leaf. Therefore, it is important that the door leaf is resistant to moisture. Good tightness of the door structure is an equally important selection criterion, because the ability of the door leaf to retain warm air in the barns depends on it.

When choosing a barns door, you should also pay attention to the options for the execution of the canvas.

Today, two versions of the door structure are common:

  • hinged
  • sliding

The most popular is the classic swing option. It provides good soundproof performance, excellent tightness, ease of use.

Less common, but relevant for small housing – a sliding design. The door leaf in this case moves along the guides along the wall. This design is lightweight and comfortable. But at the same time, there are gaps between the wall and the door leaf, which worsen the tightness and sound insulation of the door.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each category in terms of suitability for installation in the barns.

Array / MDF / Veneer

Doors from this category are made of natural components. Solid wood products are the most valuable, they are made of natural wood. The MDF canvas is made of wood chips, which are bonded together using the natural component of lignin or paraffin and are pressed for strength. Veneer – a thin layer of natural wood.


  • exclusively natural components are used
  • durable, resistant to mechanical stress
  • provide good sound insulation and tightness
  • Allow the room to “breathe”

As a rule, doors from this category are not popular for installation in the barns due to their shortcomings. You can install luxurious products from solid wood, MDF or veneer, but they must be treated with high-quality varnishes and special impregnation that protects against the formation of fungus. And in this case, it is recommended to open the door for airing after each visit.


The most suitable interior doors for the barns and toilet are made of PVC. They are suitable not only for rooms with high humidity, but also for saunas, steam rooms. Such products are made of polyvinyl chloride, in other words, plastic.


  • not subject to bending
  • resistant to temperature extremes, high humidity
  • We do not require special care
  • Provide good tightness and sound insulation
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