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Moving entire households or offices to new locations is a tedious job which cannot be done without the help of professional packers and movers. If you are in Sydney and require a professional company to efficiently manage your home or office removal, you must Visit Nuss Removals. Nuss has a team of removal specialists with immense experience in moving home and office goods from one part of Sydney to another, interstate removals and even international relocation. Nuss also offers storage service.

Home removal service

All kinds of personal belongings, furniture, electronic items and other goods are removed safely by the removal experts of Nuss. The professionals first conduct an inspection of the house to assess the various kinds of items that would be removed. The customer can also specify any special requirement which is then implemented by the removal specialists. A moving plan is chalked out which ensures that there are no problems during the moving process. Antique and other valuable items can be entrusted to the moving professionals of Nuss because utmost care is taken to prevent breakage or loss of the goods during loading, transporting and unpacking.

Office removal service

The office movers of Nuss are well versed in safely moving office and factory items. All types of office goods such as computers, printers, tables, chairs, files, machinery, etc. are packed and transported in a highly efficient manner. In order to keep the office running with minimum disruptions, the company offers the facility of completing the removal operations during the weekends. This way, the office can start working in the new location on Monday after closing down on Friday evening. The consultant team of Nuss works with the office staff to plan a smooth moving process. The goods are securely packed using cartons and other protective packing materials.

Storage servic

Nuss also offers storage service for furniture and other kinds of goods. The storage facilities owned by Nuss in Sydney can be used for both long and short term storage of goods due to home renovations, changing homes or when staying overseas for a prolonged period of time.

Nuss specialists visit the home of the client to determine the volume and types of goods to be stored. The goods are stored in steel or wooden containers and transported to the storage facility through special vehicles sent to the client’s residence. The goods are packed securely before loading in the containers. High quality packing materials including high protection wrappings for televisions, valuable items and furniture are used by the packing team. All the items are numbered, listed and tagged so that it is easy to locate each and every item instantly. The storage facilities have enough space to accommodate even very large items. The round the clock security means that even expensive items such as antiques and artworks can be stored in the storage facilities.

The process of retrieving the goods from the storage facilities is also very simple. Since all the items are numbered, listed and tagged, each and every container is easily located without disturbing other goods stored in the facility.

The customers need to pay per cubic metre instead of per container. The amount of cubic metre space that would be occupied is determined by the expert removalists of the company on the basis of the amount of the goods and their sizes. A price estimate is prepared accordingly.

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