The Use for the Perfect garden Tractor Tiller for You Now


The motors are more powerful (typically 5 to 8HP), they drive the wheels and chains by a belt or a universal joint. The tiller also has several working speeds, and a reverse gear which facilitates maneuvers.

In addition to the cutters, some models can be fitted with plowshares. The device is heavy: weights are installed at the front to counterbalance and prevent the tools from sinking too much into the ground. The counter-rotating rear tiller models break up clods very effectively.

Easy to use?

The use of a tiller presents absolutely no difficulty after a small apprenticeship. Well balanced, with a powerful motor that ensures regular advancement, it is not a device that requires a lot of force.

  • Some criteria for choosing a tiller
  • Number of cutters and working width
  • Tiller equipped with 6 strawberries

Tight strawberries for excellent crumbling

The working width varies according to the number of cutters. A small electric hoe will turn a 16 cm strip, when some large tillers perform 80 cm in one pass! Of course, the number of strawberries varies accordingly: from 2 to 6 in general. A high number of strawberries over a limited width is proof of a well crumbled earth. The use of the garden tractor tiller is essential here and for the same you need to be essential. There are a number of options that you need to be specific now. The right decisions are there and that is the reason you need to be specific now.

Forward and reverse

Watch for the existence of a reverse gear: very useful for U-turns and blockages (buried rock, stump, large root).

Motorization: to look closely

Use engines from known manufacturers, guaranteeing reliability and the possibility of maintenance / repair / change of parts. These include Honda, Briggs & Stratton.

Monitor the power, which must be adapted to the use you intend for the appliance. 3 cv are suitable for shallow plowing (flower beds, ornamental garden); 5 cv is the minimum to comfortably work a large vegetable garden of 1000 to 2000 m².

Note also the speed of rotation of the strawberries which results: 200 rpm allow to obtain an excellent crumbling.

Plant protection discs

Some models have plant protection discs. Located on either side of the strawberries, they protect the beds and the borders against false maneuvers; more generally all plants against unwanted uprooting. They clearly delimit the worked area in width: ideal for quality landscaping work.

Rear flap in action

It allows finishing work thanks to the rear “raisses”. In addition, it will protect you from flying stones or debris.

Transport wheel

If you opt for a motor hoe, prefer a model equipped with a transport wheel, appreciable comfort for moving the engine off (when you put it away, for example).

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