How To Choose Your Living Room Rug?


What size should you plan for a living room rug? How to position this carpet? What style of carpet to favor for a living room? We answer all your questions to find the perfect carpet, as beautiful as it is easy to maintain!

Choosing the right carpet requires a few thoughtful steps. Obviously, before anything else, you will need to favor a “favorite” Tapetes Expresscarpet that suits your tastes. However, care should be taken to choose a carpet that will be able to live in harmony with the decoration of the living room. Shapes, materials, dimensions, we answer any of your questions.

Choosing A Carpet in The Style of Living

Many rugs are likely to make you fall for your living room! Graphic rugs, party rugs, designer rugs, trends revisit this essential element of living room decoration in an ultra-attractive light. However, you have to be careful not to be blinded by trends that will disappear as quickly as they appeared in the decorative sphere. You have to choose your carpet as a long-term investment. Like the sofa or the coffee table, there will be no question of changing it every year. So, think about it!

To choose the right carpet, you have to use common sense and ask the right questions: do you prefer a rug that is in harmony with the style of the living room or a carpet that can bring a unique touch to the room? Both are possible. The main thing is to know how to combine the colors present on the carpet and those present in the room, as well as not to abuse the patterns on the floor when you have a living room already loaded with decoration.

The style of the living room rug will strongly depend on the general style of the room and its location. Juxtaposed with the sofa, the carpet could, for example, display a shade close to the latter. Also, in the case of a carpet that is not monochrome, the colors shown can be chosen in tones close to the surrounding elements: cushions, curtains. On the motif side, if the living room is already overloaded with motifs on armchairs or curtains, we should avoid adding more with the presence of a very visually charged carpet.

Finally, the carpet, like a hanging lamp or a wall decoration, can be the support of your inventiveness and a unique touch within the room. For example, in a classic living room, a designer rug that dares to shape and color will bring a unique aura to the room. The carpet is one of those decorative elements by which originality can become embedded in a room.

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