Make Full Use to the Home Buying Checklist


Pen in hand, you are almost ready to sign the sale of this adorable accommodation for which you fell in love. Be careful, buying a house often commits you over the long term and in view of the sums spent it is better to be sure of its purchase. Before taking action, here is the list of checks to perform before buying a house. You will thank us after!

To be a happy owner, you have to have a beautiful house, but above all, you have to take your time before buying a property. How to be sure of your real estate purchase? What are the points to check before buying a home? Here are 5 points to check to buy well.

Advice before buying an old or new house

Get informed and above all, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions that come to mind. Keep an eye out and watch everything. If there is no problem, there is no reason for the real estate agent or former owner to refuse to show you anything. The use of the home buying checklist is important here.

5 points to absolutely check before buying a property

The real estate market

Knowing the price of real estate in a given sector is very important to allow you to objectively determine your budget, but also to know if the property you want is at the right price depending on the district, city or region.

The overall condition of the accommodation

90% of a sale is played from the first visit, but, even if after this first visit you are in love, do not get carried away immediately. Consider doing some checks:

DDT (technical diagnosis file): energy performance, exposure to lead , termites , state of natural hazards, etc. this file is a wealth of information to know before signing.

Electrical networks (earth connection) and sanitation and water installations (location of the septic tank and emptying, evacuation outlets, etc.)

The roof: check if it is waterproof, sufficiently sloping, and if the wooden frame is still healthy and not eaten by termites

The shell: watch out for cracks

Thermal and sound insulation: don’t hesitate to ask for energy bills during winter

For the purchase of an apartment, examine the common areas and obtain the co-ownership regulations to find out what awaits you and if there are not too many constraints to respect.

The environment

The location of the accommodation is also of great importance. The neighborhood and its reputation (think of a possible resale), noise, nearby amenities (schools, shops, transport, etc.), the neighborhood, etc.

Taxes and charges

Housing tax and property tax can also have an impact on the purchase of a property, so remember to inquire. If you buy an apartment, don’t forget to ask for the amount of the condominium fees.

Please note: the works voted by the condominium, before the signing of the sales agreement, remain the responsibility of the former owner.

Enlightened Please note: you can benefit from a tax reduction if you are renovating your house or apartment.

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In addition to the price of housing, there are the fees of real estate agency and notary fees . If the latter are regulated agency fees are free, they generally represent 5% to 10% of the sale price against around 8% of notary fees for old housing and 2% to 3% for new housing.

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