Handy Tips When Picking the Right Roofing Shingles


There’s a reason why many homes in America today use shingles as a roofing material. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also easy to install and shingle repair sanford, me, cheap to replace, and they can last for a long time.

Shingle roof etobicoke, especially ones made from asphalt, can come in all colors and styles. Because of that, selecting the right kind can be quite daunting. Before you go online to look for roof shingles for sale, here are some tips you can follow when selecting the right type for your home

Consider the Shingle’s Wind and Impact Resistance

A major factor to consider when choosing roof shingles is their durability. Their durability can be affected by the usual weather in your area. This is especially true when it comes to those who live in windy locations. 

Often enough, roof shingles have classifications based on the wind speeds that they can withstand. Some shingles can only protect you from winds that can reach 60 MPH while others can withstand up to 150 MPH. 

You should also look into shingles that have high impact resistance. These are roofing materials that can resist damage from flying debris and other objects that may easily damage ordinary shingles.

Consider Your Roof’s Structure

You should also keep in mind the structure of the roof itself. Some shingle types may or may not be appropriate depending on the roof’s slope. Slope refers to the steepness of your roof’s angle and is based on the roof’s height and length. If you have a roof with a very steep slope, some of the heavier roof shingle options like slate or clay tiles may not be installed. 

The weight of the shingles themselves may also come to play. Buildings and houses today are designed with a specific dead load tolerance, which is the overall weight of the roof structure. If the roofing materials installed exceeded the tolerance point, they may not be able to support their own weight. On average, a home can carry a dead load of 15 pounds per square foot.

On top of that, the structural integrity of the building may weaken over time. An older house may not be able to carry the total weight of the heavier roofing material. 

Select a Shingle With a Good Warranty

Looking for roof shingles for sale doesn’t end with just picking the shingle itself. You should also think about the warranty that comes along with it. Oftentimes, there would be three types of warranties available to homeowners. 

Most shingles would come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. In most cases, this lasts for a lifetime as long as you’re still the homeowner. However, some 3-tab shingles may come with 25-year warranties. For architectural and luxury shingles, they may come with a 30-year warranty. This typically just protects you from defective materials and can cover the cost of replacing them for the first few years.

Another warranty would be the contractor workmanship warranty. This type mostly comes from the roofing contractor who installed the shingles on your roof. The length of this warranty may vary depending on the contractor you selected. Some roofing contractor Mission, BC may offer lifetime coverage as well. This type covers the cost of labor and any materials that you would need to make roof repair fort wayne in.

Lastly, there are extended manufacturer warranties. These are comprehensive warranties provided by contractors that are authorized by the shingle manufacturer. Extended manufacturer warranties protect you from defective materials and errors with roofing replacement colorado springs co.

They can also cover all of your roof system components. Keep in mind that this will be available to you for an extra cost and would require you to have a complete roof system already installed.

Look for Shingles That Can Provide Great Aesthetics

The classic 3-tab roof shingle type has been available for a very long time now because it can fit most home architectural styles. But architectural and luxury shingle types have given homeowners more options to choose from based on aesthetics. 

Although 3-tabs shingles lay flat and provide a uniform look, architectural shingles give your roof a more random-looking pattern, simulating wood shakes. Meanwhile, luxury shingles can offer you a premium look and design. They’re also larger than the other two options.

One benefit of picking a shingle type that can provide you with great aesthetics is it can increase your home’s overall curb appeal. Since your roof covers more than half of your house’s exterior surface area, an unsightly roof decreases your house’s value. This can also affect your home’s selling value, should you choose to move out.

With these tips in mind, finding the right roof shingle to install on your roof will be easier. If you’re still not quite sure what to pick, you may discuss this matter with your chosen commercial roofing contractors hamilton township nj. They can provide you with recommendations that can help you select your new shingles.


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