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Life after buying a house in queens


There are many New York City boroughs that you can consider for your next home purchase. Buying a house in any of the five boroughs has many benefits and pros. However, it seems that Queens is taking the cake these days. With its close proximity to the Big Apple, it is a very tractive living area for young professionals with children, but also for single and young people as well. So, you get to enjoy Queens and Manhattan for a much lower cheaper living cost, because of their proximity. It sure sounds like a win-win situation! In case buying a house has been already checked off your to-do list and you are already a Queens resident, here are a few things that you should know from the start.

Best Queens neighborhood for buying a house

It is safe to say that Queens is a very large borough. Thus, there are many neighborhoods to choose from. For those that already bought a home, it is good to know what is in your backyard. On the other hand, for those that are still property hunting, you can consider buying a new property in one of these friendly neighborhoods.


This place is known for great diversity and spectacular housing options. Immigrants from over 100 countries call Astoria their home. For this reason, the mixture of cultures gives this Queens neighborhood a unique and cool vibe. Therefore, if you like to experience new things and different cultures Astoria is the place for you. Truly, it is very likely that you will find your ideal property, and have it located only 20 minutes away from midtown. You get to live in a multicultural place and still enjoy the benefits of NYC, for a less hefty price tag then in NYC. This place is ideal for young professionals.

Astoria is the place to be if you are a fan of Greek food. Alt text: plates on a wooden table filled with Greek food.


For those that are looking for a more suburban style of living, buying a house in Sunnyside would be a great move. This unique neighborhood is also known as Sunnyside Gardens Historic District. Brick houses and historical feel of this place give out a very unique ambiance. For a second you might think you are thousands of miles away from Manhattan, while still being only a short train ride away. Oppose to other neighborhoods, properties in Sunnyside are a bit more upscale. Once you purchased your dream home, your next step would be transporting household goods to Queens.

Forest Hill

Parents with families shouldn’t be looking further. Buying a house for your family in Forest Hill is the best possible move you can make. The properties are more affordable than in other neighborhoods, which makes this place the capital of young and working parents with little children. Also, everything that your family needs can be found locally, which eliminates the need to travel to NYC. Of course, this is a luxury for all parents, because young children are a blessing, but they do not leave us with a lot of spare time on our hands. For those that are already property owners in Forest Hill, first of all, congrats! Second, visit and start your moving process right away.

Queens population

2.3 million people call Queens their home. This means that this cultural pot of a neighborhood holds one-quarter of NYC residents. The neighborhood is also diverse when it comes to religion worshiping and race. Knowing all of these facts, it is not surprising that half of the residence speak and additional language next to English. Certainly, it is more than impressive that a large number of people, with different backgrounds, upbringings, religious fallowing, and race live in harmony. Not many places can take pride in that.

In case you miss the city, do not worry, you are only a quick ride away. Alt text: downtown Manhattan street and buildings.

Price of living in Queens

Buying a house and living in Queens costs more than the national average. Yet, the costs of living are still 40% lower when living in Manhattan. Clothing, groceries and other needed things are also of a steeper price than the national average in the United States. The median rent price is $1400. Of course, the price of a rental property differs depending on the number of rooms and the location of the property. Buying a house will eliminate the need to worry about rent payments. Nevertheless, your mortgage payments and utilities can easily rack up to $2200 a month. But don’t worry, there are ways to make the mortgage process simpler.

Queens school systems

Buying a house in Queens would mean investing wisely in your children’s future. What can be a better investment in your children’s future then a supreme education? The school system is top-notch. Therefore, you have many options. There are many private and public schools in Queens. There are even specialized schools that your kids can attend. For instance, art and IT schools if you want your kids to get some type of specialization at an earlier age. Not to mention that Queens is the home of the #1 school in New York. Townsend Harris High Schools has an impressive 100% college enrollment rate.

Queens has a prestigious school system. Alt text: two little girls studying and writing in a notebook.

Entertainment in Queens is endless

Needless to say, there is something for everybody’s liking when it comes to fun things to do in Queens. The mixture cultures of residents in Queens give the place a big variety of restaurants and entertainment objects. There are many bars and restaurants that you can visit when you want to unwind with your partner or your friends. But that is not all. When you feel a desperate need for some vitamin D, you can always visit Rockaway beach. It is the only beach in NYC where surfing is legal. For those that aren’t in a surfing mood, you can always enjoy just being outside and the light ocean breeze.

Buying a house in Queens has many benefits for you and your family. The proximity to Manhattan gives you great options for work, while it gives you just enough space from the hustle and bustle that goes on in the city. Plus, the transportation system is super easy to use. So, think no further if you are looking for your family’s nest. You have found it!


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