Essential Bathroom Supplies in Sydney


We start most of our mornings in the bathroom. Though bathrooms may seem unglamorous, they are still an essential part of any household. And yet bathrooms can generally be an overlooked part of the house while decorating. A little bit of thought in planning and furnishing the bathrooms can make them utilitarian as well as pleasing to the eye.

Here we bring you a list of essential bathroom supplies in Sydney.

  1. Shower

This is one of the most basic bathroom supplies in Sydney. You have got to bath to live. Now where you do it and how you do it is completely based on your preferences. Plan ahead about which kind of shower you would want to use on a daily basis. Considering the plethora of options available for this bathroom accessory, do your research and keep your budget in mind.

  1. Bathtub

Though not completely necessary and a tad bit over the budget for many, a bathtub can be a nice addition to any bathroom. Check with your hommies to see if you can fit this amenity into your household planning. Afterall a nice tub bath can take away the tiredness of any long day.

  1. Toilet Seat

A toilet seat takes up significant space in any bathroom. So it is important to keep different considerations in mind while making this purchase. The type, color, location of a toilet seat can all have a huge impact on the look, and use of your washroom.

  1. Basin

Where will you place the basin? Inside the washroom or just outside? What will be the size and shape of this basin? Is it color? And with the basin also comes other small utilities. Toothbrush, toothbrush holder, soap, and soap dispensers. They are all important elements to keep in mind while buying the best bathroom supplies in Sydney.

  1. Towels

Having hand and bath towels in the bathroom can make life immensely easier. It can save one the trouble of searching for things to wipe their hands with. So choose the towels which go well with your bathroom and are of the right quality for your hands and body.

  1. Toilet Paper and Holders

No amount of toilet paper can ever be too much. Stock your bathroom well with it. Make sure that it is kept in front of the eyes and can be easily reached. Keep some extra in the storage space inside the bathroom for emergencies.

  1. Curtains

To keep the different segments of your bathroom clean and dry and away from the outside eyes, one very important bathroom supply is the curtains. You can either go for the plain opaque ones or go completely wild with it. Shower and window curtains help in deciding the feel of any washroom. They bring forward your personality.

  1. Mats

Another important bathroom supply that helps in keeping the bathroom clean is the mats. Bath mats and shower mats ensure that no water goes out of the washroom and help in keeping the house clean.

  1. Utilities

While we plan bigger things in the washroom, we often forget the small important things. Utilities like a plunger, cleaner, scrapper are all very important to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

  1. Hooks and Racks

The trick to having the best Sydney bathroom supplies is to have ample space to keep things. It is important to have hooks where one can easily hang her clothes while bathing. But it is also important to plan the bathroom in a way that there is storage space for other utilities.

  1. Mirror

One cannot start the day without having a good look at oneself. And because one gets ready in the washroom, having a mirror there becomes very important. This can be of any size or kind- floor-length, handheld, or wall type.

  1. Trashcan

While buying the best bathroom supplies in Sydney, one usually forgets the thing that can go a long way in keeping the bathroom clean in a very easy way. Having a small bin in the washroom, somewhere in the site, can make tidying it up later very easy.

Clare Louise

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