7 Expert advices to get the best bathroom remodeling design


Bathroom is one of the best corners where you spend time with self. Most homeowners plan bathroom remodeling at least once in 10 to 20 years. It is a perfect time to get a makeover especially when most things in the room start to get rusted. A bathroom makeover design includes everything from changing the pipelines to sink and adding a few extra luxuries inside to make it look appealing.

In this article, we have gathered some of the best advices shared by experts for a perfect bathroom remodeling. Try these and apply it during your bathroom renovation plans. Also make sure that you hire someone reliable like Todel to enjoy stress-free renovation.

7 Top advices to get bathroom remodeled in the best manner:

  1. Learn the space: Before beginning with even the design for your bathroom renovation, it is essential that you first check the space. Learn the space and plan how you can utilize it in the best manner.
  2. Make extra room: If you are planning to add a few more stuff in your bathroom, make some extra room for the things. For instance, get rid of the clutter to install an organizer or utility cabinet in your bathroom.
  3. Contact a designer: Contact an experienced remodeling company. Choose a licensed and registered company to get the most creative design by skilled professionals. An experienced firm has handled several renovations for clients and thus, they know the best.
  4. Plan ventilation: Bathrooms are usually closed for privacy. However, you need to make some room for ventilation for the air to pass through. This will help prevent suffocation inside and let you breathe with comfort. Even the smell or odor needs to pass out of the room and welcome sufficient fresh air inside. Ask your designer what thoughts they have on ventilation.
  5. Install greenery: Indoor plants are best suited in bathrooms. Plants add fresh vibes and positive air around. Thus, these make the best décor for any room. Look for plants that do not need much water and can survive in closed environment too.
  6. Plan the flooring: Flooring is one of the most essential things to consider. Uneven flooring or slippery floors can invite risks of accidental falls and injuries. Thus, you must choose bathroom floor tiles with anti-slip feature.
  7. Hire a contractor: Hiring a reliable contractor like Todel can help. Discuss your budget and requirements with them.
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