How Many areas Should You Designate to Floor Mats?


They will have usually some matting already, yet way very often, that indicates simply one tiny commercial entrance mats by the main entryway followed by a path of dust, as well as salt.

And contrast to a place, that 3′ x 5′ mat is just getting a few hundred impacts well worth of dirt, out of thousands per day.

“However, I don’t have that much room in my lobby!”

That’s ok! You do not need to be as severe with your commercial entrance mats with logo as to obtain outstanding lead to your own facilities.

What is the right amount of flooring matting for your company, entryway?

You see, in the majority of the client’s structures, adding simply 10-15 feet of matting or walk-off floor mats for business at their entry usually lowers 80% of the total quantity of pollutants, (think of salt, dust, mud) entering their facilities.

As well as reducing all that dust implies:

  • Your floors are going to look better on a daily basis.
  • Your cleaning labor prices are most likely to go down or be invested more effectively each month.
  • The life expectancy of your floor covering will rise by years.

All with simply a couple of added feet of flooring mats!

If you do not think that you have so many footprints in the building, here are some mathematics that could change the mind:

With 200 workers+ site visitors, as well as a lobby that takes eighteen actions to traverse, you’re considering:

  • 400 footprints are getting in the structure daily.
  • 3,600 footprints to make it through your lobby heading to their desks.
  • 7,200 impacts re-occurring from lunch.
  • 3,600 impacts leaving for the day.

Which all amounts to:

  • 14,800 footprints daily well worth of salt, dirt, and other pollutants getting struck your lobby floors, just from your employees reoccurring to their work desks.
  • In one week, that’s almost 75,000 instances of damage on your carpets or flooring.
  • As well as each month, that is 1.5 million messes you are paying a cleaning firm to eliminate.
Robert Killin

The author Robert Killin