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Planning Permission for Orangeries Cheshire


It is nice to install an orangery in your home to relax and enjoy during your free time. However, before the installation of your orangery, you must know if it needs planning permission. The following ideas will guide you on this subject. 

You don’t need the permission if you plan to have single-story orangeries Cheshire that pass the following requirements:

  • The property has not been extended 
  • If its height doesn’t reach over 4 or 3 meters if it has 2 meters boundary. 
  • If it doesn’t come with raised platforms, balconies or verandas
  • If the roof ridge doesn’t reach higher than your property’s roof eaves
  • The materials used in your home are the same as the orangery
  • The side extensions are less than the property’s width

Do you need to obtain planning permission for your orangery? 

If your orangery meets the standards mentioned above, you are not required for planning permission. On the other hand, if it doesn’t adhere to these standards, you are required for the planning permission of your orangery project. You must know that if the project has been built without the planning permission, it can be subjected to removal. 

Guidelines for your orangery project 

You must follow the guidelines below to have a successful orangery project.

  • Your orangery must not pass 50% of your house’s size
  • Its height must not go beyond 4 meters
  • The orangery must not have balconies, verandas or elevated platforms
  • It must not be higher than 3 meters if within 2 meters of structure boundary

Regulations for extension of your conservatory 

Building regulations can vary from the local and land laws for your property extensions. These regulations implied that:

  • You can’t put cladding on the exterior walls of the orangery
  • You can’t put an orangery on the side of the property

What will happen if your orangery doesn’t meet the guidelines for the planning permission? 

If your orangery doesn’t meet the guidelines for the planning permission but meet the standards above, you have nothing to worry. It is suggested that you must monitor your local council since rules and guidelines can vary in some areas. 

There’s a fine of about £5000 max if there is no planning permission, but the erection of the structure pushed through. You can also be liable to face prosecution or take down your orangery. On the other hand, if your orangery doesn’t meet the regulations, you can still have a planning permission grant. To prevent possible problems in the future, you must get advice from the professionals. It will help you to save your time and money from fines and prosecution. 

The difference in Building Regulations and Planning Permission

Building Regulations consist of how the orangery are constructed for its thermal usefulness. Planning Permission involves the new extension or property’s aesthetic results within the nearby areas and properties. 

2017 & 2018 Conservatory Building Regulations 

  • It must be constructed under 30 square meters in floor space
  • External doors must separate the property from the orangery
  • There must be no new wall and the 3 quarters of the roof must be glazed or translucent

By following the above tips, you can have a successful orangery home improvement north wales project.  


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