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Tips to choose the right flooring for your home


When you build a home, our prime focus is getting the right furniture and the wall color, the perfect lighting and decorations. But, do you know how much the flooring of a room can impact its overall look? You can entirely change the room’s aesthetic with the right choice of flooring. Every room and every interior has a different style of flooring requirements and different designs or patterns that will match the room. So before you plan to get your flooring done with planchers Decor Chantilly, begin with searching for multiple options and check the following criteria:

Interior style 

There are multiple types of flooring available in the market. And, the different types of flooring have various design options in them. So, before you finalize a flooring style, ensure that the design and the type are in sync with your interior design. For instance, choose marble flooring for a home that has more white and neutral tones or marble-made furniture.

The area where you want the flooring 

Different rooms can have different types of floorings. There are multiple options available for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. For the washroom, people prefer getting flooring that is skid-proof and prevents anyone from slipping when the floor is wet. 

Material of the flooring 

Every flooring material has different durability, some can be long-lasting and be used for areas where the traffic is high and summer for delicate regions. If you want flooring that does not need much maintenance and can last long without changing its look, you will have to look for stronger materials like ceramic. But if you can maintain sophisticated flooring, then you can look for premium flooring styles like hardwood or natural stone flooring.


The price of flooring styles varies tremendously, marble flooring will be more expensive than tile flooring. So, depending on your budget, you can select a flooring style which is fit for your interior, looks good, and is also economically viable for you. There are amazing flooring options available for pocket-friendly budgets as well. Thus, you can explore and find the perfect one for your home.

Imagine a yellow theme vibrant room with wooden flooring, doesn’t this feel weird? Yes, it does because you know that a vibrant interior won’t match the aesthetic of a raw or minimalistic interior. But, imagine a teal green wall with wooden flooring. Now, this comes elegant and something that will soothe your and your guest’s eyes. A room’s walls, ceiling, flooring, furniture and decorations should be coordinated and of the same style, either modern, contemporary or traditional. Mix match and look disastrous and this is why think smart when choosing the flooring of your home.

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