Is a fire watch needed for hot work?


To answer the question, “Is a fire watch needed for hot work?” The answer is yes. It’s the primary cause of industrial fires and the hot work is responsible for most of the fire losses that are taking place. The flame, heat, and sparks that are mixed with industrial settings have the possibility for disasters. To prevent such fires from taking place, the fire watch services are responsible for construction sites having flammable work. Have a look at this service: Fire Watch Guards

What is hot work?

 The work involves brazing, welding, soldering, burning, torching, grinding, etc. It generally occurs on a building site as it is necessary to complete the job. When welding takes place, molten materials and sparks are scattered and they are dispersed in the surroundings up to  35 feet when grinding, welding, and during the cutting projects. The temperatures will reach up to 1000 degrees F when the slag and sparks are hurled from scorching temperatures.

Such a high temperature can easily set on fire flammable liquids, paper, wood, or any other materials lying on site. The combustible materials must be kept far away at least 35 feet radius away. But it may not always be possible and hence there is the risk or threat of fire being ignited. As there are space restrictions in the buildings, leaving 35 feet radius is not always attained.

The additional fire risks come from:

  • Sparks coming out from the equipment drop on the floor and get accumulated on the cracks or any other openings making a way out for the fire to begin from such hidden areas.
  • The heat on pipes or any other metal which comes in touch with the combustible roofs, ceilings, or walls leads to fire.
  • Another reason could be working on one side of the wall ends up in explosive ignition on the other side.
  • Conveyors and ducts can also carry sparks to far away combustibles.

Fire watch services for hot work

 As there are various hazardous situations in the construction sites, professional services must be utilized in all different construction sites for hot work. Some guards are well trained to work as human fire detectors to watch the work and also to keep an eye on the far away places where the spark can reach and create havoc.

As per the Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hiring fire prevention services is mandatory for all construction sites. To perform this task, permits and other regulations are essential for safety purposes. Seek the help of professional fire watch guards who are trained to safeguard your construction site and the people living in the vicinity.

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