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If your car is equipped with automatic door lock, then it will be a different story. The modern variant of the ‘anti-carjack’ or ‘anti-hijack’ mode only activates the automatic door lock if you go above 10 kilometers for an x ​​number of seconds per hour. Only after driving off, so while driving. However, there are cars that also automatically lock themselves when stationary, for example if all doors are closed for 30 or 60 seconds. 

  • Even if the car key is still in contact. Finally, automatic locking can be activated due to an electronic defect or malfunction.

The Door Locking

You would say that central door locking and similar electronic locking systems based on wireless transponders and immobilizers throw a spanner in the works when it comes to inadvertent locking of your own (transponder) key. However, nothing is less true. If you can open and close your car with a remote control, there is a good chance that you can find a locksmith ann arbor mi or key maker that has equipment that can be used to open your locked door through software. The residential locksmith services hamden, ct happens to be the best choice here.

  • So from the outside, without using the remote control key.
  • Just try Google for ‘keyless unlocking’, ‘keyless entry’ or ‘relay hacking’.

Enter your own car window

Sometimes typing a diamond seems the fastest, safest, simplest and cheapest way. Do you have an expensive car for which you do not want to force a lock, do not want to bend a doorman and do not want to damage paint? Then typing a small car window can make a quick and relatively simple option. Especially if you are far from home and there are only costly and time-intensive solutions at hand, typing a side window might be a plausible alternative.

Do not do it! First of all, your car will be packed with tiny glass fragments. In addition, the hands or arms may suffer cuts. And shattering glass fragments can get into the eyes. Logically, the chance of this depends on the composition of the hardened or layered side window in question, but still. In any case, you may not deliberately claim damage to your car insurance. ‘Staging’ is considered as insurance fraud . Finally, car window replacement is usually not a cheap affair.

Are you considering entering your car window to get to your own car keys? For security reasons, call a roadside assistance service or an all-round locksmith who is also familiar with car locks.

Leaving car keys in the car: finally

Your car door unexpectedly falls into the lock, but your keys are still in contact. Or you have left your car keys on the passenger seat of a self-locking car. What now !? First of all check ALL doors, including the trunk. It would not be the first time that roadside assistance is called in, which simply opens the boot’s tailgate and enters through the trunk.

If you are close to home, you can choose whether or not by public transport to pick up the spare key. If not, you can call in a roadside assistance service or locksmith mason oh, which with a bit of luck will open your car 100% damage-free. Opening a car lock without a traditional car key or electronic remote control doesn’t have to be that difficult. Do-it-yourself is also possible, but is not always without risk.


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