All You Need To Know Concerning Caroma Toilets


Caroma toilets are a combination of several devices in one, which allows you to save space and money significantly. Instead of buying and installing a conventional toilet bowl, wash-hand basin and bidet, it’s now enough to choose one integrated, compact and ergonomic device, which is quite possible to reduce expenses on acquisition and installation.

Caroma Toilets Materials

  1. Faienceis the most popular and widespread material. They are produced by preparing and firing faience using a special technology that minimizes the porosity of the feedstock. It is covered with glaze. Despite all efforts, it is not possible to get rid of all pores during manufacture.

  1. Porcelainis a much more durable material compared to earthenware, capable of serving more than one decade. Due to its greater density, it can withstand mechanical stress. Sanitary porcelain toilets look aesthetically and respectably, but they are quite expensive. Caring for such products is much easier since the material has much less open pores. As well as earthenware toilets, it is covered with glaze.

  1. Steel – It is mainly used for toilets in public restrooms. Stainless steel products have increased abrasion and resistance to mechanical stress, most often performed in an unusual design. Thanks to a smooth working surface are easily cleaned. The absence of pores on high-quality steel toilets prevents the growth of bacteria. The downside is the rather high cost and discomfort during operation, associated with sensations of cold when in contact with the skin.

Features Of The Design Of Caroma Toilets

Regardless of the model and modification, all Caroma toilets in Sydney have three standard distinguishing features:

  1. Filter for cleaning water. To avoid odour and soap deposits on the toilet bowl, the water from the sink does not enter the tank immediately, it passes through the filter and is reused as a cleaned one when draining. It is important when choosing combo-nitase to consult with the seller about the frequency of filter maintenance for a particular model of sanitary equipment, to find out if replacement cartridges in this modification are necessary and their availability on the market.

  1. Water overflow control system– thanks to it you can use the sink for an unlimited amount of time, it will automatically redirect the water flows from the barrel to the sewer.
  2. Double water supply system– if the amount of water when using the sink does not provide filling the tank, then it will be additionally filled directly from the water supply system.

The benefits of Caroma toilets include :


  • Space-saving. Often in the apartment, there are preferably small bathrooms, combo-toilet is an opportunity to organize a full-fledged restroom on several square meters. An ideal choice for people who do not like combined bathrooms, but who do not have large areas at their disposal.

  • Water-saving. In the context of continually rising prices for housing and communal services, this is an essential factor. A reduction of 25% in consumption is a significant figure, with a large number of people the savings will be very noticeable.

  • Modern design. Their unusualness and modernity distinguish models; they easily decorate the most sophisticated interior. A considerable assortment will satisfy even sophisticated buyers.

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