Ensuring Your Options for the perfect Tree Removal Now


Do you want to cut down a tree and are you looking for a residential tree service mesa az? In this article you will find out what to watch out for when cutting down a tree and we will help you find the specialist you need.

  • The tree in your garden has grown too much and it bothers you? 
  • Does the spruce cast a shade that is too broad or misplaced on your house? 

Has your pine tree been threatening to fall since the last storm? There are all kinds of reasons for cutting down a tree.

To keep everything going well, you are advised to hire a specialist to cut down your tree professionally and safely. Here we explain how to do it, free of charge and without obligation.Unless you already know exactly what needs to be done? If so, you can request a quote now. Thus, you will very quickly receive offers from validated specialists.

Cutting down a tree what should you watch out for?

In principle, it is not recommended to cut down a tree yourself. Rather, entrust this task to a professional arboriculture, landscape architects or logging company; felling trees requires specialized fundamental knowledge as well as suitable tools, from the chainsaw to the aerial work platform, including protective clothing.

In addition, certain details must be studied precisely before the slaughter itself. The following points inform you about this and help you establish a well-targeted request for quotation. You will find the specialist you need for your project quickly and without difficulty. In case of the tree removal in Atlanta service you can have all the services.



First of all, find out if within the framework of the ordinance on the protection of trees you must obtain an authorization from the urban planning department of your municipality for the felling of your tree. Depending on the cantons and the communes, this authorization depends on the diameter of the trunk, the location and the height of the tree. Ask your building commission. .

It is forbidden to fell trees between March and September, the breeding and nesting period for birds.

Before establishing your request for offers, it is preferable that you have already settled the question of authorization, because you may have to wait a few weeks before obtaining it.

The best time

The best time to cut down a tree is usually in fall or winter. Cutting down a tree in winter has the advantage of allowing the wood to dry faster to be used as firewood. In addition, deciduous trees no longer bear leaves, which make work easier.

If it is imperative to have a tree cut down outside this period, you can request an exceptional authorization.

The type of tree

Of course, the height of the tree and the diameter of its trunk are decisive for felling. The rule is this: the taller the tree, the higher the costs. Branching branches also play a role. In addition, you should expect additional costs if your tree overlooks the neighboring property.

Indicate as precisely as possible the dimensions of the tree in the description of your project, and attach, ideally, a photo of the tree and its environment. This will allow interested providers to give you a fairer and more precise quote.


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