Tips To Increase Your Home Security



The home is where we all look to for safety; it is indeed where the heart is. However, this security needs to be guarded at all times. The home has numerous valuables and properties that attract burglars especially if left unguarded and certain home security practices are not adopted. Here are some tips for increasing the security of your home and guaranteeing your safety as well as that of your property.

  1. Use High-Quality Locks

Mortice locks are a well-renowned and recommended option for securing doors. These locks are tamper proof as a key is required to open them making them almost impregnable. Most insurance policies require that their subscriber have mortice locks installed before they can be eligible to file an insurance claim.

  1. Proper Lighting

Properties that are well lighted up are less prone to break-ins. Bulbs can be fitted to turn on automatically at certain times of the day, and PIR operated floodlights can be used on the exterior of the home. These lights light up when they detect body heat and are a good deterrent to burglars.

  1. Install an Alarm Security System

Get a state-of-the-art alarm security system setup. These systems come both in wireless and wired form and serve as a good defense for the home.

  1. Keep your home tools under lock and key

Don’t leave mechanical tools like screwdrivers, pliers, metal bars, ladders, garden tools, etc. lying about. These tools could be used by burglars to perpetrate their act.

  1. Keep Valuable properties concealed

Valuable possessions like smart TVs, laptops, phones, artworks, Jewellery, and even money should be kept as far away from the window as possible.

  1. Limit access to your property

Get creative; the house gate should be locked at all times and downpipes can be greased up deter burglars from climbing up them.

  1. Install surveillance cameras and use neighborhood watch

No burglar wants to be caught in the act, and a surveillance camera is one sure way of keeping them off of your property. Also, should you need to be away for a long period, have a trusted neighbor check in on your property from time to time.

  1. Trick the Burglar

When leaving the house, keep the blinds down, draw curtains back, put on some lights and have a radio on. All these are signs that will fool the burglar to thinking that there is someone at home. Alternatively, you could get a dog, or other anti-burglary LED devices to throw the burglar off.

  1. Use thorny shrubs, climbing roses, and hedges as barriers.

Trees and shrubs that have protruding spines are a very cost effective barrier system and burglar deterrent. Some of the plants that could be grown to serve this purpose include gorse, holly, flowering quince (japonica), berberis, and hawthorn (whitethorn).

  1. Alert the police and your mail service against vacations

In cases where you will be away from home for a long period, have your mailservice halt mail delivery and inform the police about your home vacancy.

A licensed locksmith is capable of providing home and business owners with a vast range of services to help improve the security of their property. These professionals offer services tailored to residential, commercial, or automotive purposes and can also be contacted for consultation or maintenance purposes.


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