What Are The Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Components?


The swimming pool owners especially the new ones often find everything new and strange. This leads to irregularities or sometimes complete abandoning of the basic interactions in relation to the maintenance of your swimming pool. There are a few basic components which you need to strictly follow in order to prevent greater damage to your swimming pool and save your money. The basic components of pool maintenance include constantly keeping the water level above skimmer mouth, backwashing the filter, regular cleaning of strainer basket, regular priming of the pump, skimming the pool, pool vacuuming(pool vacuum reviews), pool brushing, adding the chlorine, etc. You must regularly carry out these activities in order to save your swimming pool from getting seriously damaged and compel you to go for greater repair eventually spending a lot of money. If you need any consultation or help on the pool maintenance issues, contact Piscine De Mone for immediate assistance and professional services.

One of the important components of swimming pool maintenance is the proper water level management. Your water level should be always above the face of the skimmer or mouth of the skimmer and never below that. This makes the water flexible to go up or down to the maximum deflection. Once the water level goes below the skimmer mouth, there is the risk of running your pump dry resulting to overheat and eventually fail. In the case of water level getting too high due to heavy rain or forgotten hose, then water would flow outside the pool along with the chemicals and heat which you paid for.

The filter care is one more important component you must do regularly. The cartridge filter is required to open and cleaned as the operating pressure rises 7 PSI exceeding the clean operational pressure. Similarly, the sand filter needs to be rinsed and backlashed as the operational pressure rises to 7 PSI. You can also do this on a regular weekly basis. The DE filters require many interventions like cleaning, dismounting, rebuilding and recharging with diatomaceous sand. Make sure to also incorporate bleach in some quantity to keep the pool clean. You will find a few bleach store near Houston Texas who can take care of your needs

Regularly priming the pump is necessary to keep the pump cool. You need to put water into the wet end chamber, close the lid and put it on in the process of priming. But that is not the end. After priming, you must make sure that the pump actually primes. Normally, it may need repeating the process of the priming a few more times.   

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