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Four Qualities to Look for in an Exterior Painting Contractor


A fresh coat of paint can spruce your home’s exterior. It can convert a boring space into a dynamic one that you want to show the world. But, this outcome will depend on the work of professional painters who will treat your home like their own.

While there are many exterior painting services available out there, finding the right one can be challenging. You will want to hire a painter from Spray Net who can bring your painting projects to life. Finding a trustworthy painter is not as easy asking for recommendations from your family or friends. There are qualities you must look for when hiring a painter. They include the following:


The professionalism of a service provider manifests in many ways such as in how they conduct business. A professional painter is respectful, kind, and responds to your call on time. Also, professionals can refer to the way they organize and manage details simultaneously. They need to have a system to handle details and keep your project on track. Find a painter who is licensed by your state and ask for any professional certifications or accreditation.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

If you hire somebody to work around your home, you want someone you can trust. Allowing them into your property is like giving them access to your possessions. To determine their honesty, start with the quote you can get from them. An honest painter should provide you with a fair price and bid your project without trying to take advantage. Find a painting company with bonds and licenses as they will certainly not risk their reputation for doing dishonest work. 

Skill Set

A professional painter has the skill set to do the desired painting job at a high level. You can evaluate their skills by asking samples of their previous work and references. Make sure to contact their references and ask them about the quality of work the painter has done for them. When they are all praises for the painter, this should make you feel confident about the ability of the person to produce results that meet your specifications.


A professional painter should respect your time and requirements. They must ensure to complete the project within the agreed timeframe. Also, they need to show respect to you and to any clients they have. Nothing can be more frustrating than hiring somebody who goes in and out of your home as if they live there. 

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