Different types of glues and their uses


Glues are mostly used the people in different ways. Glues play a vital role in human’s everyday life that used to students for school and colleges, simple hardware repair kit, equipment required by workers like cobblers, carpenters, plumbers use plastic glue for their work, etc.

Glues are used from the 2000 BC; they produce a sticky concoction from the extract of animal bones. It’s time to know information about the types of glues and their uses.

Craft glues or white craft glue:

Craft glues are widely used in the world as well as in school, college, office, and homes. It is used for paper and also for card sheet and it is based on water that has low to no toxicity. So it makes safe for kids and adults. It acne be easily clean from the surface and also from the skin. It takes an hour or a few minutes to dries. Craft glue is stable for every arts and craft lover.

Wood Glue:

It is mostly used to bond together pieces of wood and wooden surfaces. There are also many types in wooden glues they are epoxy, polyurethane glue, hide glue. Types of different wood glues are made from the different applications that depend on the wood quality and purpose of the wooden object itself.

The properties of wooden glues are high strength, gap-filling ability, resistant to humidity, damp condition, and moisture. It has more time to dry even a day or a couple of hours to dry completely.

Super Glue:

Super glues are used to join heavy materials like glass, wood, and ceramics, metal and also to join leather. It is cyanoacrylate adhesive is a chemical compound that is known for the adhesive property. It is the ability to form durable bonds and super strong with a clean dry finish.

Super glue is used to fix toys, jewels or any damaged object. It dries super fast within a few seconds.

Fabric glue:

It is used to hold together two or more fabric pieces and also used to join various types of textiles. Fabric glues are normally waterproof so you can wash the fabric without any panic. It stays flexible even after drying. It can also be used as glass glue to join pieces of glass together.

Hot glue:

Hot glues are sold in solidified forms; you need to heat the hot glue before using. It is in long translucent sticks that are inserted into glue gun at one time. You can join the plastic materials with the help of hot glue that act like plastic glue.

The glues are solidified back and hold the required objects together after it cools. Hot glues sticks are available in different widths and it is suitable for all materials.

Glitter glue:

It is the fancy type liquid glues and it is mostly used for crafting glue that is favorite for kids. You can decorate the glass pieces as same as the glass glue. Your kids can get immersed by the glittery glues and also used to show their creativity.

These are the types in the glues and their uses. From this, you may get knowledge about the glues and their types. Hope that you get useful information from these details.

David Curry

The author David Curry