How to Select a Plant Hire Kent Shop


Recently, you moved to Kent and bought the house of your dreams. Now, you want to dig up your yard and lay a garden. Aside from a gardener, you also need a digger to remove some of the soil. This way, the gardener can check it and amend it as necessary, to alter its’ acidity or alkalinity, prior to planting seeds. In comparison to a smaller machine, a large machine can dig much deeper. Then again, you may find it difficult to fit a large digger into your residential garden. For this reason, you should determine the width and length of your premises, before selecting a plant hire Kent shop.

A micro digger weighs one tonne and is 800 mm wide. This machine is perfect for use in narrow passageways. This machinery can dig to depths of up to a couple of metres.

Roughly, mini diggers weigh 1.5 tonnes, are a metre wide, and can dig to depths of 2.5 metres. However, they can shift more weight, due to their additional weight and larger engine size, which counterbalances the weight being moved during digging.

We will not mention the benefits of larger diggers, because they are not usually suitable for residential gardens.

How an Operator can Help

You may find it difficult to operate a digger at first, if you are new to using one. Nonetheless, you can master the fundamentals, if you are prepared to spend a few hours practicing. Your inexperience can hold up your project. Therefore, it is wise to hire a digger with an operator, so you can finish your project in much less time. It costs about £125 (including VAT, but excluding insurance) to rent a mini digger. Bear in mind though, that you will need to spend an extra £250-£300 each day, based on the operator’s skill level.

The Local or National Hire Store

Usually, local hire stores charge more competitive fees, but may be unable to deliver the machine at your preferred time. National shops are more expensive, but they deliver the machinery whenever you want, and frequently offer insurance waivers. These diggers can be hired by paying the required fee on their website. Don’t forget, avoid opting for the first website you find that advertises digger hire. There are many companies out there that offer a substandard service. It is far better to rely on trusted plant hire Kent shops, like FGS Plant. They offer a broad range of machines for hire, as well as several attachments. Give their website a visit at to learn more, or telephone their helpful customer service team on 01622713930.

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