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Know the Benefits and Reasons to Move to the Maltese Island


Malta is an island with many historical places including forts, megalithic temples and many others built by rulers like Moors, Romans, etc. It has dazzling scenery and beautiful nature, which attracts everyone towards it. All this makes it a perfect place to invest your money.

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Reasons to move 

Malta has a wide variety of houses such as traditional Maltese, modern apartments, and houses made with gold stone, marble floor, and others. A buyer can choose the suitable house as per the taste and convenience.

It has fantastic climate ranging from 15 degree Celsius in winter to 40 degree Celsius during summer. You can enjoy the hot summer baths in August.

You can easily grab work opportunity in Malta as it possesses a lot of industries including cosmetic, film production, tourism, and many others. 

In Malta, real estate business is booming day-by-day. From 2015, the cost of a property is increasing gradually. In Malta, house prices are increasing and recorded 6.2 percent up in 2017. This show purchasing a house gives you good returns on investment.

EU nationals can enjoy a tax benefit of 15% and different schemes like Malta Residence Programme and Malta Retirement Plan. With this, you can save your earned income without spending much amount on taxes.

Malta official language is English so you can easily communicate with the local people. Malta property buying procedure is transparent as well as clear. You can choose a document, which is called as Promise of Sale Agreement. It contains everything in detail. If you want to make a secure investment with good returns, then Malta is one of the best choices to invest.

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