Kitchen Surfaces for Your Kitchen


Choosing the right material for your kitchen worktop is a matter of finding the right ratio between design and utility. How well will it match the rest of the kitchen? Do you need to clean it day in and day out so the room won’t look messy? Is it heat resistant or will it burn if you accidentally put a hot pan on it? Read on and find out which surfaces to choose from, depending on your preferences.

  1. Granite

Granite is widely used for kitchen surfaces not only because it looks good but also because it is a low-maintenance and sturdy, which makes it less prone to scratching. Due to its resistance to heat, granite is one of the best surfaces for a kitchen worktop.

  1. Quartz

Another great option is quartz, a man-engineered material that has the look of a natural stone, but requires low maintenance and has the resistance of a synthetic material. Although it is more durable than granite–so it’s even less likely to chip or crack–quartz doesn’t offer the same heat resistance as granite.

  1. Marble

According to Amy from Nankivells “Marble has been used for thousands of years and it has that luxurious feeling to it; but marble requires a high level of maintenance, because it scratches and stains easily.” However, marble is a poor heat conductor, meaning it always remains cold–what else would you want in a kitchen?  Although you may be tempted to believe that it costs a fortune, it can be rather cost effective, depending on the marble you choose.

  1. Dekton

This surface is new to the market and is extremely scratch resistant. It has an appeal of a completely uniform surface, seamless, with no joints and cuts.  It is a highly resistance service to both fire and heat.  Resulting in a very low maintenance worktop for an everyday kitchen.

  1. Glass

Besides being rather expensive and needing frequent cleaning, glass is hygienic because there are no joints where food scrap or bacteria can grow. Moreover, it’s extremely durable and resistant to heat, and it’s got a modern look.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is aesthetic, durable, easy to clean and very light, which makes it one of the top preferences for kitchen countertops. It is also heat and acid resistant. Although it’s prone to scratching, you can always choose a matte finish that hides well any potential scratch.

  1. Solid Surface Composite

Perfect for contemporary design, solid surface composite is seamless, therefore hygienic, and can be moulded in any shape you desire for your kitchen. It is also fairly resistant to heat, scratch, and stain, which makes it a perfect combination of design and utility.

  1. Hard Wood

A hard wood countertop brings nature back into the kitchen. Although it must be maintained properly, by regularly sanding, oiling and resealing the wood, such a worktop can last for ages when cared for correctly.

  1. laminate

Compact laminate is a high impact resistant and waterproof material that will stay in shape for many years.

Laminate worktops have an extensive range of finishes and styles. The plastic laminate coating is one of the most hygienic surfaces you can choose.

  1. Ceramic

A more affordable alternative, ceramic maintains the classy and elegant look that comes with marble. It can be a great option for your kitchen, because it resists very well to heat, mould, bacteria and stains. On the other hand, it can crack easily and the grout lines can be difficult to clean if they get dirty.


Paul Watson

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