Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Evergreens


Evergreen trees and shrubs are known for having greenery in lawns for all year round. Without evergreens trees and shrubs, the beauty of your lawn is imperfect. So, if you want to get planted the evergreen shrubs and trees in your garden, you may get with Al Miley & Associates for the best Toronto tree services. However, if you already have evergreens in your garden and just want to get some maintenance tips, you may have a glance at the following points:  


  • Mulching and Watering:


The properly maintained moisture level of soils plays a vital role in evergreen’s health. Appropriate soil moisture level makes able the evergreen plants to cope up with the dry and winter conditions. So, proper watering of evergreen plants should be taken care of. Moreover, make sure to water the evergreen plants more and more during a dry time like fall and summer. 

tree mulching spokane wa is done to cover the soil for retaining the moisture in the soil, suppressing weeds, keeping the soil cool. Thus, make sure to use organic matter while mulching.


  • Fertilizer:


Although evergreen plants need less fertilization than the other spices of plants, they get many benefits from fertilization. It will benefit them in proper growth, coloration, and size. 

If you are planning to add some fertilizer for your evergreens plants, you should select a complete fertilizer that gives more nitrogen than potassium or phosphorus. Moreover, fertilization should be done between spring and summer. Besides it, a slow-release fertilizer can be applied when summer is halfway done. Besides, if there is a drought condition, do not fertilize as it may harm the evergreen trees and shrubs. In such condition, watering is the only way to keep them hydrated. 



  • Pruning:


Evergreens are not only pruned for enhancing the beauty of a lawn, but it is also done to remove the broken, dead or diseased branches. Moreover, evergreen trees and shrubs always seem like a leader that dominates the whole lawn. Usually, pruning is done for two purposes the first one already mentioned above, and the second is that it helps to shape up the tree. 

Just remember one thing while pruning evergreen tree or shrubs, pruning should be done only outside of the branch collar, don’t do too close to the trunk area as it may damage the whole branch. The pruning helps to stop any decay from getting into the trunk. Furthermore, avoid pruning in early fall and late summer.


Paul Watson

The author Paul Watson