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Refacing And Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: The Key Differences


Are you thinking of remodeling your current kitchen? Does it only need a change in style, or does it need a total revamp?

As you’ve taken into account the interior painting, floor replacements, and new fixtures, you would also want to give your cabinets an upgrade. They have probably seen better days, or they just don’t fit the new style of your kitchen. Before ripping out your existing cabinets to replace them, consider refacing or refinishing them.

Refacing and refinishing your cabinets are much more cost-effective ways to make changes than replacing them. Both can make your kitchen cabinets appear fresh without spending thousands purchasing new ones.  

Refacing VS. Refinishing

Refacing your cabinets, otherwise known as resurfacing, involves swapping your kitchen cabinet doors, drawer frames, and hardware with laminate or wood veneer while keeping the cabinet box.The face frames and side panels can also be replaced with the same material to keep them uniform with the rest.

Meanwhile, kitchen cabinet refinishing does not need parts replacement. Refinishing your cabinets is to strip them off of their current color, then apply new paint or stain to make them look new again. This option is best if your cabinets are in a decent state.

Which Option Is Better For My Cabinets?

Choosing whether to reface or refinish your kitchen cabinets depend on their materials and condition. Refacing is the best choice if your cabinets are too damaged for a simple color change or if they’re made of laminate, mahogany wood, or Thermofoil. Refinishing is a great option for cabinets in good condition. It is also more economical as you do not need to spend on materials to transform your kitchen cabinets. 

It would be best to weigh all considerations to make your kitchen cabinets more appealing. Refinishing is the best choice if you want to cut costs on buying cabinet doors. The project can be done by yourself, unlike refacing, which requires a professional to get it done. 

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