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The Importance Of Keeping Your Home Termite Free

The importance of keeping your home termite free

It is usually observed that many house owners spend enormous amounts of money to eradicate termites from their homes. Removing them and repairing the damages caused by them also cost a lot. Pest or termite damage is typically not covered by home insurance.

Hence, it is always an extra expense you will have to incur. Many individuals are already aware and knowledgeable about termites and their different ways of treatment. Thus, hiring top termite treatment specialists to keep your home termite free will help in the best way possible.

What Are The Distinct Varieties Of Termites That Exist?

There are more than 3000 species of termites worldwide except in Antarctica. These termites destroy a lot of furniture and everything made of wood in our home.

Subterranean, dry wood and damp wood termites are the most well-known and famous types of termites. The Subterranean ones do most of the damage by using mud tubes to reach their source. They live beneath the surface of the soil and produce thousands of eggs daily, creating a colony of 50,000 to more than two lakhs of termites.

The dry wood termites live in dry woods like dead trees, structural beams, hardwood floors, or interiors in and around your home. As the name says, damp wood termites live on wet wood, which is affected due to rains or leakage issues at home due to inadequate drainage or plumbing problems.

What Shows The Presence Of Termites At Home

Effective termite control involves help from a top termite treatment specialist. They will solve the issue within minutes and help you take precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences.

It is possible that the existence of termites can go unnoticed for years, and they keep on growing and causing damage. The various indications or situations that prove the presence of termites are

  • Damages to artefacts or furniture made from wood
  • Termite swarms, nests, eggs, larvae, and other such signs of termite existence
  • Traces of mud tubes to enter the home
  • Weird smell and a peculiar minimal sound that the termites make
  • Problems opening and closing doors and windows
  • Termite frass, which resembles sawdust


It is essential to keep your home termite-free and safe o avoid extra expenses in the first place and getting our family members infected or ill. Having basic knowledge about termites and where they can occur makes a lot of difference in taking precautions for the future.

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