Take Your Imagination To New Heights With Timber Furniture


When it comes to furniture, the prime thought is on timber. Timber has been used for furniture since time immemorial and it is still a trend in the modern days. Timber is easily available natural material and this makes it in high demand at timber furniture stores. It is loved for its various qualities which include workability, sustainability and its ability to last through the years. There are several different types to choose in the manufacture of Australian timber furniture. This includes oak, teak, birch, pine, fir, softwood and hardwood, and lots more.

This article gives you a glimpse of all that you need to know about timber and what to look for in your choice of Australian timber furniture.

  • Nature of Timber:

Timber possesses a uniqueness that cannot be found in any other materials. As it is obtained from nature, It is biological and adapts itself to withstand environmental forces during the formation and growth. Timber can never be the same and each piece is different from the other. This is the same even if the same tree is used to extract two different pieces.

Once all these facts are surpassed, it is loved it for its accommodating nature and variety in colours, styles and form. The properties of timber are clearly defined and well known at the time of manufacture. During the manufacture of Australian timber furniture, its basic fundamental characteristics are taken into consideration.

  • As a biological material:

 Timber comprises of cells formed naturally and hence it has obtained its biological characteristics. It comprises of a blend of Carbohydrates, cellulose, non-cellulose, Lignin and other components. The properties of wood are not predictable and keep changing based on the environmental factors surrounding it.

  • Anisotropic in nature:

 Wood is anisotropic in nature and the elongated cells in the wood occupy all the sides longitudinally and the special properties give it its rigidity. Wood exhibits various appearances whichever way it is cut as a result of the cell arrangement. This is one of the important things to consider when choosing them at timber furniture stores.

  • Hygroscopic in nature:

 Wood comprises of Moisture in its cells as it was once a living tree. Depending upon the surroundings, the moisture content also changes. Wood absorbs more water and so it has a relatively high moisture content than the other parts of the tree. The absorption and loss of water from the surroundings make the wood to rise and shrink as well. To maintain stability in the structure of the wood, it is important that the moisture in the wood matches that of the surroundings.

  • Biodegradable in nature:

 Wood is a biological material and this makes it biodegradable as well. When discarded, it degrades itself and becomes one with the earth. Timber can be easily broken down by bio deteriorating agents such as insects, bacteria, mould and fungi. The wood cells are a thriving place and a rich food source for all types of agency due to their high sugar and starch content.

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