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Top 5 Franklin Electric Pump Maintenance Tips



Ever noticed how a well-maintained machine outlives its expected lifespan? That’s no fluke. Regular maintenance is the secret sauce, especially for essential machinery like water pumps. Today, we’re zeroing in on a household name in the water pump industry, shining a spotlight on maintenance tips that can extend the life and enhance the performance of your water pump. Dive into these insights, and let’s ensure your pump runs smoother for longer.

Tip #1: Routine Inspection

Imagine waking up to a flooded basement because your Franklin electric pump decided to take an unexpected holiday. Unpleasant, right? Routine inspections could save you from such nightmares. Take John’s story, for instance. John, a vigilant homeowner, noticed a slight hum in his pump that wasn’t there before during one of his regular checks. This early detection led to a simple fix that prevented a costly breakdown. Learn from John; a quick glance at your pump regularly can make a world of difference.

Tip #2: Cleaning and Debris Removal

Let’s talk about cleanliness, not just around your home but your pump too. Sarah learned this the hard way when her pump’s efficiency dropped drastically. The culprit? Leaves and debris clogging the intake. After a thorough cleaning, it was as good as new. Sarah’s ordeal teaches us that a clean pump is a happy pump. Keep it free from debris to ensure it keeps your water flowing smoothly.

Tip #3: Checking Electrical Components

Electricity and water are a tricky combo, and ensuring the safe operation of your pump’s electrical components is paramount. Remember Alex’s close call when his pump started acting up? A quick check revealed a frayed wire, a disaster waiting to happen. By addressing it early, he avoided damage to his pump and, more importantly, kept his home safe. Regularly inspect your pump’s electricals to keep such risks at bay.

Tip #4: Lubrication is Key

Friction is no friend to machinery, and lubrication is its arch-nemesis. Take Mike’s pump, for example. After lubricating the moving parts as recommended, he noticed a significant improvement in efficiency and noise reduction. This small act can prevent wear and tear, ensuring your pump operates smoothly for years to come.

Tip #5: Professional Maintenance Checks

Even if you’re handy, there’s value in professional expertise. Emma’s annual maintenance check by a pro helped identify potential issues she hadn’t noticed, saving her from a massive headache later. Professionals have the tools and knowledge to spot and fix problems before they escalate, making their service invaluable for your pump’s health.


Maintenance isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about preventing them. These five tips offer a roadmap to keeping your water pump in top condition. Implementing these practices can save you time, money, and the inconvenience of unexpected repairs. Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your pump’s longevity and reliability. Let’s keep the water flowing and our pumps pumping efficiently.




Clare Louise

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