Best Ways Of Taking Care Of  Your Rattan Garden Furniture


 Rattan Furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any garden or courtyard. The rattan furniture is available in the market in different styles, sizes, shapes and qualities. Rattan furniture Dubai can be the best choice for purchasing furniture online. Whenever you buy which type and style of furniture you select for your garden, You should know how you can take care of your furniture in a good way. If you take good care and maintenance of your furniture adequately, that will increase the life of your furniture.

Good cleaning

When you clean your rattan furniture daily it extends its durability and lifespan. Debris and dust which appears in the cuts and between the weave can decrease the look and grace of the furniture. 

Simultaneously, it can become the cause of  lead bacteria, insects or mildew, significantly decreasing the durability and life of your rattan furniture. When you clean rattan furniture with a scrubbing brush, that will decrease dirt, dust, and debris from the furniture’s surface.

You can use the vacuum or any cloth to keep it looking great after brushing. It would be best if you moderated it every month as well. You can use any soapy water, cleaner, a soft cloth and brush to clean its cuts, cracks and weaves and the surface of the entire furniture. 

Protection of legs

You should also avoid moving or scraping because it may split, which can be inescapable at times. Rattan furniture legs are the most vulnerable when we drag or move; it can be the cause of splitting.

Moreover, splits can quickly weaken the legs of the furniture and can entirely damage its legs. You can use the rubber feet on all legs to protect your furniture. The rubber feet will help your table bear the shocks that come while dragging on the floor and become the cause of scraping. 

The rubber can easily be fixed anywhere on the base of the legs. You can do this trick without taking any professional help. You will only need to cut the rubber to the size of the furniture legs and use any glue to fix it under the legs. 

Repairing and Maintenance

Restoration and maintenance are essential for any rattan garden furniture to keep it suitable for the long term. It would be best if you took this action when damages and cracks start appearing before it becomes worse. You can use the boiled linseed oil to keep it looking good as new furniture.

The rattan furniture fibres suck that oil swell and keep them strong and good-looking for a long time. Moreover, if you want maintenance, you will need to hire

a professional to take care of them. Also, you can buy furniture online or hire a professional to repair it.

Store when not using rattan furniture

This is the best way to keep your rattan garden furniture safe when you are not using the table, keeping it in the store. However, the sunlight, rain, moisture, and changes in the daily temperature can become the cause of damaging your furniture.

 You can use the UV-proof cover for its protection and store rattan furniture in the dry shed or any room when you are not using them. This protection will help keep your garden furniture safe for the long term.


Jeffrey Morgan

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