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Dominate the Interior Designs with these Tile Trends


The new generation has come a long way from using traditional stones such as marble and granite. They are shifting more to ceramic and mosaic tiles. While tiles have been in popularity for some time now, every year, the trends change. Similarly, new trends have emerged for this season as well. Let us go through some of the most tantalizing trends that have been the talk of this season.


As per the medieval European art and culture, the Baroque style had emerged as one of the most popular and sensational styles of flooring. Usually, this style of tiling was done from the floor to the ceiling. Huge porcelain slabs were used to cover complete rooms. These days, the baroque style of tiling is again trending and more and more people are interested in implementing it. With strong veins and patterns, the Baroque style stands unique and give your space a spectacular look.

Bas Relief

The Bas Relief style of tiles is a unique three-dimensional pattern where round edges and shadowed stones form a primary design. These tiles bring back memories from ancient stone structures as tile manufacturers have started creating such patterns going with the current trend. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can have such patterns and look equally dynamic.

Crisp and Clean

While the era is all about fancy colors and patterns in the tiles, the crisp and clean design is an exception. This tile trend uses subtle colors, textures, and minimalist patterns. Although they are a bit difficult to maintain, these tiles can look quite aesthetic when they are installed properly. These can beautifully balance the color and lighting of the room.

Golden Arches

When you are looking for an art deco style of tiling, the golden arch patterns are highly popular. Soft arches and rounded rectangles are the main attractions in these tiles. These tiles have overcome the conventional matrix-style placements and when installed properly, they produce a continuous pattern. These tiles look aesthetic and hypnotizing at the same time.


Mural-type tiles have over-the-top patterns and designs and look quite huge when installed. Starting from floral murals to specific pattern-like murals, these tiles can brighten the walls of any room they are placed in as they come in various designs.

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