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What to Consider When You Want to Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets

What to Consider When You Want to Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets cleveland oh are built to the specific design specifications of the buyer. They are unique to each kitchen but also made to fit the kitchen space. Las Vegas custom cabinets buyers choose the materials, finishes, size, and functional features. They can include an integrated pantry box in the lower cupboards. Besides choosing the materials, buyers can also select the finishes and styles of the cabinetry.


While it’s possible to order pre-made, stock kitchen cabinets, the cost of custom cabinets is much higher. The boxes for stock cabinets are usually particleboard, but some Las Vegas custom cabinets manufacturers include finished sides in their cupboards at no extra charge. Nevertheless, they can be as expensive as $500 per linear foot or more. If you’re unsure of the costs involved, you can always opt for semi-custom or stock cabinets, which are less expensive and ready to install immediately.

Depending on your design preferences and the size of your kitchen, the cost of custom kitchen cabinets can range from $500 to $1,200. The materials used in custom cabinets are between $300 and 750 dollars, while installation costs will add another $100 to $250. For more elaborate custom cabinetry, you can pay up to $9,500 for 15 linear feet of cabinetry. Fortunately, most projects fall somewhere in between. To estimate the costs, you can check out the national average price of custom kitchen cabinets and contact several local companies for estimates.

Lead time

Custom kitchen cabinetry has the longest lead time, ranging from eight to 16 weeks. Knowing when your new cabinets will be delivered can help you prepare for the various steps you will take before the new ones arrive. In addition to determining how long it will take to finish the entire project, you should also find out how long it will take for the cabinets to be made and shipped. Custom cabinets are more expensive, so the sooner you get your new kitchen, the better.

When determining the lead time, you should note that most cabinetry suppliers will not process orders during weekends or public holidays. Therefore, if you order after 9 a.m. on a business day, your order will be processed the following day. However, there are some exceptions. If your order is complex or large, lead times can increase even more. To avoid delays, contact your chosen cabinetmaker well in advance. Providing as much information as possible will help you understand the lead time for your cabinets.


There are several different styles of custom kitchen cabinets. Choosing the right type for your kitchen is essential. You’ll have a better chance of achieving the look you want with a custom cabinet if you know the space’s dimensions. Custom kitchen cabinets are custom-made to fit the shape and size of your room. Because they are made to order, they can take as long as four months to complete. There are also different types of doors.

Shaker-style cabinetry is one of the most common styles for custom kitchen cabinets. Shaker-style doors have simple frames and panel structures and are often more contemporary. However, these doors can also be customized to give them a more traditional look. Choose a thicker frame if you want to go with a more traditional look. Shaker cabinets are perfect for transitional styles. Eric Raskin, the owner of Authentic Custom Cabinetry, says they are a versatile style.


There are many different finishes for custom kitchen cabinets. You can choose a hand-rubbed or pencil glaze for the look of antique furniture. Hand-rubbed glazes are applied by hand to the entire surface of the cabinet and will reveal variations in the base color. Pencil glazes are used only for the cabinet’s details, leaving the cabinet’s base color unaffected.

Paints with a gloss finish are less durable than those with a matte finish. Paint will dent and chip easier than wood, so you might want to avoid a glossy finish. A polished finish will also show up any flaws and imperfections. Choose a matte finish instead if your kitchen is not often used. Hi-gloss paint will show fingerprints, but semi-gloss can hold up a little better.

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