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Removalists ‘The Smooth Movers’ Offer Advice for Getting Ready to Relocate


Moving house can be a pretty complicated process with a lot of organizing, planning, and preparation to do, not to mention the physical hard work for the move day. There are some things people can do though to help make the process go more smoothly, as advised by the professional moving company “The Smooth Movers’. Whether you are moving from a small apartment, have complicated furniture pieces or a large home to move, here are some tips from the experts.

Getting prepared

It is important to consider key concerns like the security of your items, making sure they are as easy to move as possible, and that they are safe to move. In the process of preparation you need to;

  • Collect all the packing materials you will need ahead of time
  • Create a large area where you can put together boxes of various sizes
  • Have a work surface that is protected like an old table covered with an old sheet
  • At one corner of your table have packing paper, newspapers, bubble wrap, Styrofoam bags ready for use
  • In a large can place some scissors, packing string, markers and packing tape ready

Before you start packing

Before you get to any physical work you need to have the above packing area prepared, you need to make sure there will not be interruptions, and that children and pets are being taken care of by someone else for the packing time, or are in another area of the home safe and away.

Making the packing process easier

Now that you have a place ready for the packing you need to plan out the process. Here are some tips  The Smooth Movers have for you to consider.

  • Start the packing process well ahead of the move – 3 months ahead even is a great time.
  • It makes more send to move around your home methodically, start from the top and work your way down, and pack up everything in one room before you move on to another.
  • Start with rooms that are the least used so that your day to day routine is not too negatively impacted. For that reason leave bathrooms and bedrooms till last.
  • In each room divide the area into four sections, things to donate, things to throw out, things you are moving, things the movers will be moving.
  • Each day take some things to the dump and to the charity stores, you could also hold a yard sale each weekend if you want to make some money from your old things.
  • Each day pack a few boxes, rubbish bags, etc.
  • Create an inventory sheet where you write the number of the box, its room and a brief description of its contents, make a 2nd copy for the movers and include instructions in case something is fragile.

Actual packing tips from The Smooth Movers

  • Your smaller boxes are for heavy items, do not pack heavy items into large boxes
  • Large boxes are then for lighter items
  • When packing a box put the heavier things at the bottom and the lighter things on top
  • Use your packing materials to wrap things for protection
  • Make sure the boxes are well taped, those that are going to be heavier may need some extra securing at the bottom
  • Limit heavy boxes to a maximum of 50 pounds
  • Mark each box with a number and a room name



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