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Removing Trees – How to Remove a Tree Stump


For homeowners when it comes time to do some yard work one of the biggest struggles is the removal of tree stumps. You might even have one or two that you are choosing to ignore for now. Here are some reasons why you should get that stump out, and some ideas on how to do it, such as stump grinding columbus oh!

Why not just keep ignoring the stump?

There are actually a number of reasons why it should be taken care of, but three of them are;

    1. Safety – Accidents around stumps happen. Children trip over them and hurt themselves. So do adults! The stump is also a big draw to pests and insects in your yard. That might mean you get bitten more. It also might lead to an infestation in the home.
    2. Looks – One tree stump might look fine in some yards, but often they detract from the appearance of your landscape. 


  • Annoyance – When you mow the grass you have to move around it. You can damage gardening equipment on that stump and it makes it take longer too.


Some options for removal

There are a few options for those who are ready for some hard work. For others, there is the option of hiring some experts! They have everything they need, the experience and the knowledge. Otherwise, the three main options are by digging, using chemicals and grinding.

Digging out tree stumps – If you have the strength and energy this could be an option, but it is tough work! Only use this on smaller stumps. First, you have to dig around to get the roots exposed and chop those off. Then the stump can be levered from the ground. This is easier to do if you have a mattock, where the blunt end is good for digging and the sharp end for cutting roots. Often homeowners will start the process, realize it is a job too large for them and call in professionals. 

Using chemicals – If the job is no rush then chemical removal is an option. It takes the least labor and is also an affordable option. This means when there is more than one stump to remove it is the most economical option. You have to drill holes in the stumps and fill them with the chemical stump remover. It softens the wood and speeds up its decay. You can then chop it and remove the wood more easily. Older stumps are quicker to remove than young ones. 

Using a grinding machine – For something quick and still less work you could grind. You need a stump grinding machine though but it does suit small and large stump removal. You move the grinder across the stump and then down into the roots and the mound around it. It is great for stumps that are against walls or too close to paths. If you do not want to buy one there are stores that rent them out or hire a professional service who will have one.

Find the right professionals

As much as you might want to be self-sufficient and able to take care of your yard work yourself, there are times when you should look for a professional stump removal service for stump grinding Manchester WA. That investment is well worth paying for your peace of mind and to save you some hard work!


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