Knowing Your Window Grilles Options In Singapore


Many years ago, window grilles of the HDB were considered only as a safety of the home. The main function of the grilles is to protect against unauthorized access to the premises.Now customers are paying attention to the design in which the grilles are made. Companies which provide grille are now coming up with more options and offering a wide range of these products.

Choosing the Right Grill

The grill is an old proven method to protect your home from unauthorized access. Despite their widespread use, many people still choose the lattice completely wrongly.

Some look only at the aesthetics of the product, others pay attention to the possibility of opening, while others do not debate against their choice at all and place an order for a design in the first company they come across.

It is not surprising when homeowners are met with the unpleasant consequences of a rash choice

First of all, some factors must be taken into account when choosing a lattice, and what it should be in order to protect as reliably as possible and not spoil the interior of the apartment and the facade of the house.

It should be noted that there are no such bars that a thief would not be able to break or saw through. The choice boils down to finding a product that will take as long as possible to break into, and the longer the intruder fiddles with, the more chances that neighbors or passers-by will notice his attempts to enter the house.

There are some important tips to follow when choosing window grilles.

Choose the right type of lattice, depending on their purpose

First, you need to determine the type of construction of the window bars. Stationary grilles cannot be installed in residential buildings and apartments. Removable window bars are convenient to use, but easy to break.

If the room is equipped with an alarm, then the grill will be able to temporarily detain the intruder. This is another plus of such a lattice.

Provide for the reliability of the window grill

The most burglar-resistant grilles are there with a profile diameter of more than 14mm. The reliability of the grille depends on the type of profile. The best structures for this parameter are from a square and a bar. The design of these grilles is also pretty.

If your budget is limited, then strip window grilles will do. The advice is that the smaller the diameter between the lattice cells, the better. The ideal mesh size is 15 X 15 cm. The mesh of the window bars should be welded at the joints. Otherwise, the window grill can be simply unbent. The choice of window grille is important.

Correct installation of the window grill

The reliability of the grill depends on how it will be fixed in the wall. There are cases when the grate is easily pulled out with improvised means. The main part responsible for the functionality of the grille is its fastening. It is necessary to carry out the correct installation of the window grill.

The lattice is attached to the ends of the window opening. Profile rods are sealed to a depth of more than 8 cm. They are welded to internal reinforcement or filled with cement mortar.

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