Why installing a metal roof is a great idea


Why should you consider a metal roof? Between asphalt, ceramic, and other options, metal roofs have a lot of different advantages. Here are a few of the major reasons why a metal roof could be the best choice for your home.

A Metal Roof Will Last Longer Than Other Options

Metal roofs often have warranties lasting up to 50 years, with their paint lasting up to 30. With traditional asphalt roofing generally lasting only up to 20 years, this makes metal roofs the more durable option. If you want a long-lasting investment in your property, a metal roof makes sense.

A Metal Roofing Installation is Lightweight​ and Easy

If you’re looking for long-lasting roofs, another option might be ceramic tiles or concrete. Yet both these options are so heavy they require additional structural modifications. Metal roofing is lightweight and it’s fast and easy to install. It gives you the benefit of longevity without the additional complications.

A Metal Roof Will Reduce Your Energy Costs

A metal roof can eventually pay for itself by reducing your energy costs. A metal roof can reduce the costs of cooling by up to 25%, by redirecting solar energy. This also makes them green and eco-friendly.

A Metal Roof is Fireproofed and Unlikely to Leak

What is the purpose of a roof? It’s really intended to protect your home. Metal roofs protect your home from fire and leaks. Not only is the material naturally fireproof, but the installed panels are less likely to get damaged and leak than asphalt.

The Downsides to a Metal Roof

Of course, every material does have some downsides, so what are the disadvantages of a metal roof? There are two major issues: cost and hail. The cost of a metal roof is substantially greater than asphalt, and it can get permanently dented by hail.

Jeffrey Morgan

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