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Organization tips for tiny bathroom vanities


There are few things as uniquely frustrating as disorganized bathroom vanities. After all, it’s something you encounter in the morning and the night, every single day. But it’s just something that you’re going to need to tackle once organized, even a tiny bathroom can look great. Here are some tips for improving the organization of your bathroom.

Get the Right Cabinetry

Cabinetry makes everything better. If you don’t have under the counter storage, consider installing shelves around your vanity, or placing a “thin cabinet” against a wall. Thin cabinets tend to be smaller than 6″ but still give you some drawer space.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

Hang things from your wall if you need to organize them: many people don’t realize how useful wall space is. If you need to organize your makeup, you can magnetize them and put them on a magnetic board. If you need to organize care products, consider some additional shelving.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need

Part of cleaning up your cabinet is going to be organization: make sure everything you don’t need is thrown away. Everything you only occasionally need should go under the sink. Everything you need on a daily level goes on the vanity.

Hang It to the Side

If you can’t fit everything on the vanity, consider hanging it to the side. Vanities often have space on the left and right, where a hanging organizational basket can be placed. This gives you some additional space without making the bathroom any more cluttered.

All of these things, taken together, should be able to expand your countertop space and give you some breathing room.

Jeffrey Morgan

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