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How To Paint A Refrigerator With A Spray Paint


If your refrigerator screams for a new face (and let’s face it, it’s best to upgrade rather than buy a new one, how about spray coating it? The technique used was synthetic spray enamel paint. The paint chosen is suitable for metals. This ensures greater durability. See the step by step how to paint a refrigerator and transform yours too! More info can be found at

How to Paint Refrigerator

  • Clean The Fridge

The first step is to clean the refrigerator, inside and out! Remove all internal loose parts and wipe the outside thoroughly (for inside, there are tips here for cleaning). Try to remove solid waste efficiently. Do not compromise ink coverage. Once cleaned, wipe with a clean, dry cloth before beginning to sand.

  • Sanding

Now that the refrigerator is already clean, it’s time to sanding. The goal is not to remove the paint from the factory, but to create a more matt layer to improve the adhesion of the synthetic enamel. Here we use 600 grit sandpaper, but you can use even finer sandpaper! If desired, also sand the plastic parts. In this case, the spray will be used on the whole piece. If you prefer to preserve the original plastic details of the region, protect them with crepe tape and remove the excess with a stylus.

  • Clean Again

After sanding all the outside (the back is not necessary, okay?), It’s time to clean again and this time, use a clean, damp cloth. If you feel the need, wipe the fabric more than once. Until you make sure, there is not even a dustbin on the refrigerator.

  • Cover The Fridge

Protect all parts that should not see paint, such as the inside or the back. For this, use newspaper (or kraft paper) and crepe tape.

Now it’s time to start painting! The first coat of paint should be passed in the following way: shake the spray can well and spray the refrigerator. Keep a distance of at least 30cm. Remember, the first coat of paint has no coverage goal. It will only serve to “hold” the other layers of colour.

As soon as you cover the entire refrigerator with this first layer, take at least 15 minutes for the next one. The second ink layer will already begin to have the desired cover effect. Spray always respecting a distance of at least 30cm. This will prevent some parts from getting lighter in ink than others

if the paint drips, do not despair! Quickly remove the excess drop with a small piece of kraft paper or newspaper. And hit the paint on the next coat of paint. It will be imperceptible!

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