West Bend Egg Poacher Cookware for Kitchen

The West Bend Egg Poacher, sometimes referred to as the West Bend Egg Cooker, is a very popular design in the kitchen today. It is also a very versatile design for several reasons. The number of features that make up this model range from an egg tray and door, built in salt and pepper shakers, and even a work station in the front.

The WestBend Egg Poacher is not for everybody. However, if you love cooking, you will love this cookware set.

First, the cookware includes various sizes of eggs so that you can choose the one that is best for your recipe. This makes it easier than buying a new skillet and trying to decide what size to buy.

The lid comes with a feature that allows you to lock the lid on the side wall so you can lock the steam inside when cooking. This allows the cookware to cook evenly and prevents the bottom from burning.

West Bend Egg cooker Review

The East and West sections each have their own lid and shell top. When you fill them with batter, you can place the half shell on the East section and the top on the West to keep the top of the ingredients from sticking.

Another great thing about this cookware is that it comes with a large, oil pan that uses less oil when compared to other pans. This means you can bake bread or other items easily without greasing the pan.

It also includes a drain-bottom part for grease and excess water. It is important to clean this part properly. Otherwise, you will lose your cooking time, because you will have to clean it again.

You can wash the cookware any way you want. If you are unsure how to do it, just get a can of spray, use it on the bottom portion, then a towel. Use a brush or scrub brush to clean it if you are unsure how to clean it.

WestBend 4-Slice Breakfast Station for Steaming Eggs

The amount of moisture contained in the cookware is extremely low. As long as you keep the lid shut, it will continue to cook perfectly. Your ingredients will cook quickly and evenly, because the cooker doesn’t let in excess moisture.

A unique feature that distinguishes the WestBend Egg Cooker from others is the dishwasher-safe cooking surface. Most cookware doesn’t come with one, but this type does. It has one sided glass plates that are easy to clean.

The bottom of the WestBend Egg Cooker is removable, so you can clean it by simply taking it off. This makes it much easier than other cookware. Cleaning the cookware is a breeze.

In conclusion, you have a wide variety of options for cookware. We looked at three of the most popular models, but there are many more designs available.

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