Why It’s Best To Install Garage Epoxy Flooring

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What is Epoxy Flooring? A Better Flooring Solution | Epoxy Colorado

Garages have special needs because of their function as vehicle storage and workshop. The weight of the cars, the use of tools, the splash of chemicals, and other factors contribute to rapid wear and tear. The right type of floor should be used to reduce signs of wear and make the space more pleasant to use. Installing a garage epoxy flooring purchased from a place like, can help improve the situation in the following ways:

Stain Resistance

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to chemicals including oils, grease, and cleaners. You will not have to worry about stains being permanently visible on the floor. This should give you the confidence to work in the garage for as long as you like using anything that you need. The chemical resistance also includes the ability to stay unaffected by potent substances that would otherwise create burn marks or eat at the surface. Even constant exposure to such chemicals will not be a problem.

Ease of Cleaning

Indeed, anything spilled on the surface can quickly be cleaned with soap and water. Things don’t usually stick to the surface of an epoxy floor. Soap is enough to prevent adhesion and a gentle wipe is all it takes to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Otherwise, you will only have to use a broom and a pan to keep the floor free of dust and maintain that sparkle. You could also mop the floor with the assurance that the water will dry fast and it won’t seep under the surface since this one is not porous.


Epoxy floors are also highly durable. They will shrug off almost anything that would damage other types of floors. Strong impact from fallen tools, machines, auto parts, and so on will not result in visible breakage at the contact point. This is truly ideal for a space that doubles as a workshop. It is even unfazed by extreme temperatures. Whether exposed to harsh sunlight or to icy snow, it will continue to perform at its best. Epoxy is also resistant to fire which is another comfort to garage owners and to those who own an auto shop.


The functionality and durability does not prevent it from being beautiful as well. Unlike tiles, this has a continuous surface that have no grout lines to trap dirt. It can look brand new years after the initial installation with proper cleaning. Different colors and patterns can be chosen to make the floor more interesting to look at. The surface can also be coated with a high gloss option to increase light reflectance and make the garage look brighter.

Quick Installation

The installation is quick and easy. Preparation doesn’t take too long and application is a breeze. A few hours is all it takes for the floor to harden, although you can take caution and wait longer to ensure excellent curing. Indeed, a lot of renovation projects feature this material because it can be poured on top of the existing floor. There is no need to demolish what’s currently there. Just add the epoxy coat and it will provide all of the stated benefits right away.

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